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Southernmost Tip Of Africa

Cape Agulhas ("Cape of the Needles") is a rocky headland in the Western Cape. It is the geographic southern tip of Africa and the official dividing point between the Atlantic and Indian Oceans.

A small cairn stands in Cape Aghulas marking the spot where the Indian and Atlantic Oceans mix, popular for tourist photos. Many people believe that this happens at Cape Point, where dramatic cliffs and marked differences in the ocean colour seem to indicate geographic significance. In fact the meeting of oceans happens here, at the Southernmost tip of Africa in far less spectacular style.

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The Southernmost Tip Of Africa

The Southernmost Tip is where the Two Oceans meet The Indean and the Atlantic This is where the whales passes by to have there babies in Walker bay , and thuis is where you can strill along Struisbaai's 14 km beech... [ read more... ]

Meisho Maru 38 Shipwreck

Here lies the Japenese trawler “Meisho Maru 38”. This ship is one of the over 250 vessels that have fallen prey to Cape Aghulas. A strange magnetic anomaly means that compasses here point true North rather than magnetic North. ... [ read more... ]


Pelicans is situated in the harbour area. Enjoy a cold bottle of wine from the region with perfectly cooked seafood. This down to earth restaurant has very reasonable prices and is on our have-to-do-list when we visit Struisbaai. Enjoy the wind in your hair and the sun on your back.... [ read more... ]

Struisbaai Harbour

Struisbaai has a working harbour that is popular for fishing and angling. Freshly caught fish is available at a variety of seafood restaurants which are popular amongst both tourists and locals. Struisbaai, a small coastal village located two hours from Cape Town, is best known for the length of ... [ read more... ]