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Cullinan is a small town just 30km east of Pretoria, in the Gauteng province, famous for the Cullinan Diamond Mine. It offers a range of adventure activities, such as hot air ballooning, horse riding, diamond mining tours, and nearby game drives which ensure a holiday brimming with exciting things to do. Familiarise yourself with our excellent range of Cullinan accommodation below.

The historic village is renowned for the Cullinan Diamond Mine (also known as the Premier Diamond Mine). Named after the diamond tycoon, Sir Thomas Cullinan, who owned the mine at the time, the Cullinan Diamond Mine is the third richest diamond producing mine in South Africa. Its major claim to fame is the discovery of the Cullinan Diamond - the largest rough-quality diamond ever found, weighing in at a whopping 3,106 carats! The Cullinan Diamond was found in 1905 by the surface manager, Frederick Wells, bought by the Transvaal government, and given to King Edward VII.

Be sure to visit a diamond showroom and watch expert cutters and polishers work their magic on each rough diamond to release the beautiful gemstone within. You can purchase an array of diamond jewellery or choose your own diamond from a selection of loose stones and watch as it is expertly custom designed for you. You can even see the Cullinan Star Cut, a 66-facet diamond with a star at its heart which is only available from Cullinan Diamonds.

Diamond’s aren’t Cullinan’s only draw card. You can to do a tour of the town and mining area, and even tackle an underground mining tour. There are plenty of museums in the area, such as the History Room, McHardy House Museum, Zonderwater Italian POW Museum, and the Sammy Marks Museum.

Take a stroll down Oak Avenue, which offers lines of beautifully preserved Edwardian buildings with picket fences, porches, and stunning little gardens. A number of little houses have been converted into restaurants, coffee shops, and art galleries. Historical buildings to visit include St George’s Anglican Church (1904), Cullinan Hospital (1907), Nedbank Building (1908), and Masonic Lodge (1909). Make sure you see the 32 hectare "Big Hole" which was caused by the removal of more than 300 million tons from the earth in the search for diamonds.

For those who enjoy being outdoors, Cullinan has a wide range of adventure activities on offer. Tourists can go gorge gliding, horse riding, abseiling, microlighting, hiking, game driving, or enjoy Bongo drum sessions, archery, bush braais, lion encounters, and more! You miss a hot air balloon ride to experience Cullinan from above.

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