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Panthera Africa is an educational platform where we, together with our big cats, will educate you about each species and their individual uniqueness, in addition to their heart-warming personalities! On your visit you can expect to observe, photograph and enjoy the majestic lions (brown and white), the cheeky leopards (spotted and black) and the powerful bengal tigers, in addition to the striking caracals.

Come and visit Panthera Africa, and our knowledgeable and passionate staff/volunteers will educate you on interesting facts about the different species, and enlighten you on our animals' unique personalities. You will be able to see, hear and enjoy everything these animals have to offer.

We strongly believe in the importance of educating you about animal welfare and conservation, and bring to your attention the truth behind the many breeding farms and cub petting facilities. We will also inform you about the wild population of big cats and the threaths they face in the wild with regards to human-animal conflicts.

In addition to our EDUCATIONAL visit, as explained above, you also have the option to join our ENRICHMENT visit. Here you have the opportunity to photograph the animals in action – playing, pouncing, sniffing and exploring…. We can promise you an exciting and unforgettable experience!

“The more you are blessed with experience, the fuller and more enriched you are in life." Panthera Africa firmly believes in and implements a variety of enrichment activities for our animals so as to ensure the best captive life for each of our cats. Enrichment focuses on stimulating the five senses as well as providing physical challenges and you have the opportunity to see the cats in action.

One of Panthera Africa's main purposes is to create awareness around the canned hunting industry, and be part of the solution to the thousands of captive lions being exploited at the many cub-petting, breeding and hunting farms all around South Africa.

Panthera Africa is considered the number one activity in Stanford and second in the Greater Overberg region.



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