Wild Clover: Blessing the Reins down in Africa

by Jeanne Carstens on 20 June 2019

It was a typical winter’s day in Stellenbosch. Everything was covered in mist, which meant that I was that person driving extremely slowly in order not to miss the Wild Clover turn off. ‘Should I wear my Woolworths boots?’, I kept pondering the previous evening. ‘Preferably a narrow shoe’, I was told. I’ve been on … Continue reading “Wild Clover: Blessing the Reins down in Africa”

Seven Fairytale Castles found on TravelGround

by Heste Nortier on 13 June 2019

Who ever said only Rapunzel and Sleeping Beauty can have all the fairy-tale fun? Well, with TravelGround’s castle collection, you can have that fairy-tale experience you’ve always dreamed of! All guests can be the king (or queen) of their own castle for a few nights, be it in the Namibian desert, in the middle of … Continue reading “Seven Fairytale Castles found on TravelGround”

5 Fun 4×4 Trails and Spectacular Stays across South Africa

by TravelGround on 22 May 2019

As seen in Melomag. Is winter creeping up on you? Check out these five fun 4×4 trails and cosy stays to trump the chills and bring a few thrills. So, start your engines and let the adrenaline kick you into gear! Biedouw Valley 4×4 Route Clanwilliam, Western Cape You’ll find this valley hidden amongst the … Continue reading “5 Fun 4×4 Trails and Spectacular Stays across South Africa”

Seeking Olive Schreiner: The Story of a Karoo Nomad

by Adriëtte le Roux on 22 May 2019

Schreiner wrote that the Karoo makes one realise “many so-called important things are really insignificant, so many insignificant things important.” So, when the city’s starless nights and cordial, cramped offices become too much, I try to recall the dusty solitude of the Karoo to gain some perspective. I learned this teleportation trick in my third … Continue reading “Seeking Olive Schreiner: The Story of a Karoo Nomad”

Wood-fired Waters in the Western Cape

by TravelGround on 22 May 2019

As seen in Melomag. Just imagine lighting a fire in your splash pool. Yes, you read correctly! Forget about the normal, everyday hot tubs ─ wood-fired hot tubs are quickly becoming one of the most sought-after and unique amenities guests look for when booking a relaxing and romantic getaway. We’ve scoured the Western Cape in … Continue reading “Wood-fired Waters in the Western Cape”

Which Holiday Destination Suits Your Personality Best?

by Nanje Lourens on 16 May 2019

There’s nothing worse than knowing you need a holiday and having enough of those precious leave days, but absolutely no idea where to go to recharge your batteries. Not to worry folks, TravelGround did some research and came up with a great quiz to help you pinpoint your ideal holiday destination. Simply answer these easy … Continue reading “Which Holiday Destination Suits Your Personality Best?”

TravelGround’s guide to snake safety

by Lisa Slippers on 9 May 2019

One of the many incredible advantages of living in Africa, and especially South Africa, is that we’re in close proximity to various animals, be it in the city, the bush or at the coast. This also means that at some point many of us might encounter dangerous animals, like snakes. But not to fear, because … Continue reading “TravelGround’s guide to snake safety”

A Sweet Escape: 9 Remote Getaways in South Africa

by Hennely Nel on 2 May 2019

  “There is a pleasure in the pathless woods, There is a rapture on the lonely shore, There is society where none intrudes, By the deep Sea, and music in its roar: I love not Man the less, but Nature more,  . . .” ─ Lord Byron Sometimes the routine of everyday life simply just … Continue reading “A Sweet Escape: 9 Remote Getaways in South Africa”

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