Sunkissed desert days and starry seaside nights ─ that’s what lies in store when visiting Swakopmund’s seaside shore. Swakopmund is one of Namibia’s most popular coastal towns and a visit to this gorgeous Namib Desert jewel will have any traveller swooning. Swakopmund offers hundreds of tourist attractions and activities, each and every one proclaiming to be a must-see or must-do. Sometimes the endless possibilities can be quite overwhelming for an easy-going traveller just looking for a relaxing stay in this seaside heaven. That’s why TravelGround has picked five sizzling spots to ensure that you have a swell time when visiting Swakopmund. Whether you’re just passing through, or gearing up for an extended stay, these spots should be on every Swakopmund visitor’s to-do list!

Mocha Mornings

Two Beards and a Saint

We start our journey through the streets of Swakopmund with a true morning standard: coffee. The smell of freshly roasted, uniquely blended artisan coffee fills the air. The décor brings about a steampunk-moody blues feel that perfectly blends with the aromas of the East African and South American flavours that have found their home in this hall of caffeine bliss. Two Beards and a Saint is a one-of-a-kind gourmet coffee bar and bistro that will put a smile on the face of every coffee connoisseur who finds his way to this java heaven.

Two Beards and a Saint is the brainchild of three men ─ a father and son (the two beards) with a mutual enthusiasm for the seas and sands of the Namib Desert and an absolute passion for the science of roasting, and a restaurateur (the saint) with an ability to develop and pair flavours like no other. At Two Beards and a Saint you won’t just find some of the finest artisan coffee blends and gourmet meals in Namibia, you’ll also be introduced to a vibrant and exciting environment where a passion for the art of roasting and its underlying science finds a common ground.

Desert Days and Starry Nights

Moon Landscape

Despite Swakopmund being an exciting town with endless activities, its ongoing popularity among travellers is certainly still routed in its unspoilt natural beauty. Any traveller wanting to experience the essence of the Namib Desert needs to pay a visit to the bare planes of the Moon Landscape. This group of Damar granites pushed upwards through the earth’s crust some 500 to 460 million years ago. Millions of years of erosion down to its foundation has led to this landscape’s imitation of the moon’s surface, hence it being named the famous Moon Landscape. Deep within the Swakop River’s dried-up riverbed also lies the Goanikontes Oasis. The eucalyptus and palm trees are plentiful in this valley and a detour for a picnic among the breathtaking greenery is highly recommended.

A visit to this natural phenomenon is a must when visiting any of Namibia’s coastal towns. The route through the landscape lies within the borders of the Northern Namib Naukluft Park and a permit is required to take a self-drive tour across its stark planes. Permits can be purchased at the Ministry of Environment and Tourism Offices in Swakopmund and a map indicating points of interests and camping sites is supplied.

From Desert to Sea

Catamaran Charters

When seeing how the ocean place a peck on the desert’s cheek for the first time, one truly understands why the world is so enamoured with the crossbreed between the desert sands and sea shores at the Namibian coastline. Though Swakopmund is the coastal home of this marriage between desert and sea, a boat tour from Walvis Bay is the only way to truly experience the magnificence of the Namibian coast. A short 40 kilometre drive down the coast will bring you to the Walvis Bay Waterfront, where Catamaran Charters sets sail daily in search of the Marine 5.

Experience dolphins swimming alongside the boat and seals playing in the water while enjoying a glass of sparkling wine, oysters fresh from the salty deep and tasty platters. If you’re lucky, you’ll also see humpback whales and southern right whales breaching about during whale season. There’s just no other way to experience the ocean than setting sail on one of Catamaran Charters’ luxurious boats for a day of leisure under the Namibian sun!

A Bite on the Beach

Fork ’n Nice

A visit to Swakopmund is never fulfilled without a bite from the ocean, and for a tourist on the go, a sit-down-and-chow isn’t always in the cards amid a chock-full day. Therefore the caravan cuisine of Fork ’n Nice is just the thing to fill up the seafood hole in your belly.

This bright-yellow resident of Strand Street is permanently parked at the beachfront, serving old-school favourites like beer-battered fish or calamari and chips wrapped in newspaper and modern miracles like pulled pork sandwiches from dawn until dusk. End it all off with one of their famous creamy ice-cream cones, and Bob’s your uncle! Plainly put, it’s just Fork ’n Nice!

Sea Views and Lazy days

Strand Hotel Swakopmund

There are three key ingredients to a swell stay in Swakopmund: Good food, stunning ocean views and days filled with leisure. A holiday stay at the Strand Hotel Swakopmund promises just that! This luxurious hotel is the perfect venue for travellers wanting to explore Swakopmund.

The hotel offers three restaurants to dine at, each with a bar and a sea-facing terrace. In addition, the hotel boasts a beer garden, a deli, a beach kiosk, a gym, a wellness centre with a spa, as well as state-of-the-art conference facilities to hire. Weddings or other special events can be catered for as well. With its close proximity to the city centre, restaurants, museums, shops and other facilities, there is no better suited place than Strand Hotel Swakopmund to hang up your hat and put up your feet when visiting Swakopmund!

Tried and Tested

TravelGround stays

Seeing as Swakopmund is all the rage, TravelGround has made sure to back you with the best abodes for every taste and pocket. Luxury hotels to spectacular self-catering spots, booming backpackers to blissful  B&Bs ─ we have accommodation to suit all your needs.

AC065 – Molenweg 14 | Hotel Zum Kaiser | Desert Breeze Lodge

There aren’t many places in the world where cruising through the desert and sailing off into the sunset are both within arm’s reach. Swakopmund is truly a one-of-a-kind destination and with these sizzling spots, you’re in for a real treat! Do you have any favourite spots we should know about? Let us know in the comments below.

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