Author: Altus Booysen

Originally a Johannesburg native, Altus ended his longtime battle with the skyscrapers looking down upon the ant-like city folk in 2016, trading it for the forests and mountain ranges of the Western Cape. The Cape Winelands is his new home, with the small-town rock and roll vibes still buzzing in his conscience. He enjoys Cape Town and though it’s only been a few years, he has long since traded his prudish Afrikaans for buckets full of shower water like a true Capetonian.

Snor City ─ Nothing beats the party on Pretoria’s top lip

by Altus Booysen on 1 August 2019

Being born and bred in Johannesburg, I can only remember Pretoria as a city that comes alive on weekends, wandering around Hatfield, mingling with the locals and even sharing a beer or two. I remember driving around searching for the coolest bands playing and often found myself in local pubs listening to muso’s like Zinkplaat, … Continue reading “Snor City ─ Nothing beats the party on Pretoria’s top lip”

Stay at these South African World Heritage Sites

by Altus Booysen on 11 April 2019

South Africa is home to some of the most extraordinary places and a diversity of cultures ─ from picturesque landscapes, to world-renowned heritage sites. Why not turn your journey into an adventure while exploring all of our heritage sites? From Cape Town northwards up to the Lowveld, South Africa boasts ten natural and cultural heritage … Continue reading “Stay at these South African World Heritage Sites”

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