Author: Cea Swart

Cea Swart has two places she calls home: one in the flat, grey landscapes of Vanderbijlpark where she grew up; the other next to the green mountains of Stellenbosch where she has lived for the past 7 years. She loves to travel, drinking coffee while jotting down her thoughts and escaping with a nice book! Her great love, however, is music. She likes to spend time drinking a glass of red wine while listening to vinyls, but equally enjoys dancing in the crowd at music festivals!

In the Spotlight: 11 South African Lighthouses

by Cea Swart on 15 February 2018

Imagine a dark sky, wet sails, stormy waters and not a single light to guide you to shore … This is exactly the circumstances sailors faced when first exploring the vast oceans surrounding South Africa┬ástarting in the 1400s. To avoid shipwrecks and to ensure that sailors could safely reach their destinations, lighthouses were built along … Continue reading “In the Spotlight: 11 South African Lighthouses”