Author: Danielle Terblanche

I am a Cape Town girl who likes laughing, drinking coffee and taking pictures of pretty things. Anything in nature is an adventure to me, especially the beach and mountains. I enjoy exploring new places and sharing it with people. Travelling is food for my soul and I will spend my last cents on it. I feel life is too short to drink bad coffee and red wine and that is why I am constantly searching for places where I can drink good coffee and red wine. I love Afrikaans and can spend my days reading a book.

Morgan Bay: The Wild Coast Paradise

by Danielle Terblanche on 8 February 2018

South Africa’s Wild Coast never ceases to amaze and its exquisite beauty lures travellers from far and wide. Morgan Bay is known as the Wild Coast Paradise and it only takes about an hour on the golden wedge between the ocean and the lagoon to realise why so many families choose to spend their holidays … Continue reading “Morgan Bay: The Wild Coast Paradise”

The Blue Goose: An Epicurean Guide to Dining in Cape Town

by Danielle Terblanche on 14 December 2017

Travelling to a new town or city can be daunting, especially if you’re not sure where to dine or stay. You’re faced with many choices when arriving at your destination and usually rely on reviews on the internet for suggestions. But you don’t have to do that any longer! In this blog we’ll tell you … Continue reading “The Blue Goose: An Epicurean Guide to Dining in Cape Town”

Kitesurfing with Coastline in Cape Town

by Danielle Terblanche on 9 November 2017

Have you ever dreamed of gliding through the air with the ocean beneath you? Are you looking for the next thrilling experience that you can tell all your mates about? Or are you an adventure seeker who wants to master something new while having some fun in the sun? Then kitesurfing lessons in Cape Town … Continue reading “Kitesurfing with Coastline in Cape Town”

Tranquil Farm Stays in the Western Cape

by Danielle Terblanche on 5 October 2017

Farm living has always been an integral part of South African heritage and our countryside boasts some spectacular farms. City dwellers often flock to farms to indulge in the tranquillity of the open spaces or to enjoy the natural beauty of the environment and the history associated with some of the farmhouses. If you’re lucky … Continue reading “Tranquil Farm Stays in the Western Cape”

20 Breathtaking Views in South Africa

by Danielle Terblanche on 10 August 2017

Travellers come from far and wide to take in some of South Africa’s most amazing views. We are very spoiled with spectacular natural wonders in our country and they make for great photo opportunities. TravelGround gathered 20 of the most breathtaking views in South Africa with accommodation nearby ─ just grab your camera equipment, fill … Continue reading “20 Breathtaking Views in South Africa”

10 Victorian Houses in the Western Cape

by Danielle Terblanche on 27 July 2017

In South Africa, many Victorian style houses were erected from 1850 to 1910 during the days of the British Empire. Most of these houses have been restored beautifully with original pieces to relive the charm and ambience of a bygone era. They are prominent in any town because of their distinct architecture and lavish trimmings. … Continue reading “10 Victorian Houses in the Western Cape”

9 Surf Spots in KwaZulu-Natal

by Danielle Terblanche on 4 May 2017

Winter may be approaching fast, but you don’t have to go into hibernation. Instead, it’s time to grab your surfboard and catch some waves. That’s right, TravelGround has scouted about for some good surfing spots in KwaZulu-Natal where the water is relatively warm throughout the year, so you don’t have to worry about the cold. … Continue reading “9 Surf Spots in KwaZulu-Natal”