Author: Jana Barnard

This country girl has a thoughts deeply rooted in the social sciences, with her heart longing for the Far East. As you can only continue living as long as you continue learning, she is only interested in that which challenges her thoughts. And humour is extremely important, as life is already far too serious!

Top 8 Sunset Spots to Send Off 2017

by Jana Barnard on 27 December 2017

As the sun is setting on 2017, it’s time to take another look at your bucket list ─ did you get to explore any of your dream destinations? If not, don’t fear, you’ve got a brand new year ahead! But first we have to wish the past year farewell, and what better way to do … Continue reading “Top 8 Sunset Spots to Send Off 2017”

Exploring the Eastern Cape’s Cultural Heritage

by Jana Barnard on 12 October 2017

The Eastern Cape’s rugged Wild Coast is popular among adventurers and free spirits in search of getaways far from civilization. Sadly this one-sided view of the province makes us forget one of its most captivating aspects – the rural communities that bred a wisdom to the likes of prominent leaders such as Steve Biko, Oliver … Continue reading “Exploring the Eastern Cape’s Cultural Heritage”

5 Enchanting Stone Cottages for Romantic Souls

by Jana Barnard on 31 August 2017

If you’re planning a couples retreat before winter ends, a stone cottage with a cosy fireplace and snowy weather raging outside may just rekindle your fairy tale aspirations. TravelGround discovered a few cabins near whispering streams and towering mountains where you and your loved one can play Hansel and Gretel for a weekend. At Wyndford … Continue reading “5 Enchanting Stone Cottages for Romantic Souls”

Be a Jetsetter at these Joburg Airport Stays

by Jana Barnard on 26 May 2017

O.R. Tambo International Airport has earned itself the title of Africa’s Busiest Airport and has even been called The Gateway to Africa. This is not surprising if you consider it to be many an international traveller`s first (or only) encounter with Africa. Whether you are fulfilling business obligations in Sandton, have a layover en route … Continue reading “Be a Jetsetter at these Joburg Airport Stays”

Your Guide to Cape Town’s Noon Gun

by Jana Barnard on 5 October 2016

If you’re hiking along one of Table Mountain’s routes around noon, don’t be surprised if your ears are confronted with a loud bang. Fear not, as you have just been introduced to Cape Town’s oldest tradition: Every day at 12:00, a cannon is fired on the slopes of Signal Hill, just as it has been … Continue reading “Your Guide to Cape Town’s Noon Gun”