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SANParks 101: A Basic Guide to South Africa’s National Parks

by Willemien Engelbrecht on 1 September 2018

Did you know that there are 19 National Parks in South Africa? Could you name them? Well, TravelGround is here to help! Scroll down and see where you can experience the wild side of life in South Africa. 1. Addo Elephant National Park Addo Elephant National Park is a top spot for seeing African elephants in the … Continue reading “SANParks 101: A Basic Guide to South Africa’s National Parks”

TravelGround’s Guide to SA’s Most Popular Winter Destinations

by Ankia Wolf on 24 May 2018

For a country in the sunny Southern Hemisphere, South Africa sure has an abundance of idyllic winter destinations to suit every type of traveller. We’ve delved into our data to find out which of our destinations our guests frequent most during the winter season, as well as a few of our own favourites. We’ve divided … Continue reading “TravelGround’s Guide to SA’s Most Popular Winter Destinations”

South Africa: 15 Outstanding Facts

by Karli Durr on 18 August 2017

Sometimes we forget that some of our planet’s most unique phenomena are right here on bottom soil! TravelGround rounded up 15 outstanding facts about our beloved country that will blow your mind and remind you of the wonders within reach. And with us you can even spend a few nights close to these amazing spots! … Continue reading “South Africa: 15 Outstanding Facts”

5 Water-Saving Travel Tips!

by Mika Stanvliet on 2 February 2017

It should come as absolutely no surprise that South Africa is lacking some water (gigantic understatement). Our dam levels are well below 40% across the board, and dropping fast. Water restrictions have been put in place in all the major metropolitan areas and everyone everywhere is whispering about the neighbour hosing down his Audi every … Continue reading “5 Water-Saving Travel Tips!”

10 ways to keep the kids happy on a roadtrip

by Mika Stanvliet on 17 November 2016

Everyone looks forward to the December school holidays. Kids can’t wait to be done with school and parents swop the desk for the beach or a game park. However, there is one thing parents don’t miss about the holiday ─ the tedious trek with the worst back-seat drivers in the world ─ small humans strapped … Continue reading “10 ways to keep the kids happy on a roadtrip”

Shongololo Express: The Great Train Adventure

by Lauren Morling on 26 November 2014

Adventure is the motto of the Shongololo Express; a rock ‘n roll South African safari experience by rail. A no-frills mobile hotel if you will. My 2 week stint on the Goodhope Southbound Tour visited all of the highlights on my bucket list like the Big Hole Diamond Museum, the Maropeng Visitor Centre at the … Continue reading “Shongololo Express: The Great Train Adventure”

Shongololo Express: Highlights in Pictures

by Lauren Morling on 19 November 2014

It’s been an unforgettable two weeks on board the Shongololo Express; an adventure safari train that showcases real, raw South Africa. The Shongololo Express Great Train Adventure is by no means on par with the luxury train travel offered by Rovos or the Blue Train, but what it lacks in luxury, it more than makes … Continue reading “Shongololo Express: Highlights in Pictures”

20 Reasons to Love Spring in South Africa

by Roseanna McBain on 2 September 2014

Now that the warmer weather is taking hold of our beautiful country, and providing bright colourful hues across the landscape, TravelGround thought to share our top 20 reasons for absolutely loving spring! A wonderful season full of light, colour and new life – what’s not to love? 1. Wildlife Spring is known as the season of … Continue reading “20 Reasons to Love Spring in South Africa”

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