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The Why and Where of Private Game Reserve Getaways

by Nanje Lourens on 8 June 2017

It’s June, which means winter is officially upon us. I don’t know whether it’s the chilly weather or the drive to work in the dark, but this time of year I tend to long for the holidays of my childhood where we would wake up extra early to be the first ones out of the … Continue reading “The Why and Where of Private Game Reserve Getaways”

Of Hobbits and Horses: Having a look at Hogsback

by Mika Stanvliet on 30 March 2017

Hogsback. The very word conjures images of unkempt, dark green foliage, cascading water and snowy peaks looming in the distance. It’s a place where fairies are in abundance and every second home looks like it could house Bilbo Baggins. The Eastern Cape has no shortage of quirky little towns with great character, but Hogsback is … Continue reading “Of Hobbits and Horses: Having a look at Hogsback”

Travel cheap with these vibey backpackers

by Adriëtte le Roux on 9 March 2017

So you’re a funloving, vibrant nomad who’s been dreaming about a drive along our beautiful coast, staying a night here, spending a night there, meeting new people and sightseeing during the day. But, man oh man, the finances are just not adding up. You simply can’t see your budget stretching far enough to cover R400 … Continue reading “Travel cheap with these vibey backpackers”

Why Road Trips Rock

by Frances Strooh on 2 March 2017

Let’s face it, travelling by car is not ideal. However, I can easily give you a few reasons why it’s better than travelling by plane. A rational person would argue that flying is much safer and that your chances of dying are much slimmer. The odds of being killed in a single airline flight is … Continue reading “Why Road Trips Rock”

5 Water-Saving Travel Tips!

by Mika Stanvliet on 2 February 2017

It should come as absolutely no surprise that South Africa is lacking some water (gigantic understatement). Our dam levels are well below 40% across the board, and dropping fast. Water restrictions have been put in place in all the major metropolitan areas and everyone everywhere is whispering about the neighbour hosing down his Audi every … Continue reading “5 Water-Saving Travel Tips!”

10 Reasons to Travel Locally

by Ankia Wolf on 18 January 2017

We’re not delusional ─ comparing a local road trip to a jam-packed Euro trip, exotic island getaway or boat cruise on the Mediterranean is quite unrealistic, but definitely not because one is less fun than the other! We’re here to prove to you that a proper South African getaway has its own merits and can … Continue reading “10 Reasons to Travel Locally”

Family-friendly hikes

by Mika Stanvliet on 15 September 2016

It seems like only yesterday you sent the kids back to school. Now the end of term is on the horison and you’re already trying to think of ways to keep the youngsters busy. Luckily, warmer weather has graced South Africa with its return and as the sun rises earlier with each passing day, there … Continue reading “Family-friendly hikes”

AfriCamps SA ─ glamping made simple and affordable!

by Ankia Wolf on 18 August 2016

Always swooning at the sight of luxurious five star glamping tents? Still looking for an upgrade from old school camping that won’t break the bank? Well, look no further. We recently discovered that AfriCamps’s Boutique Camping offers the absolute best of both worlds ─ comfort and affordability! Following the success of the first camp outside … Continue reading “AfriCamps SA ─ glamping made simple and affordable!”

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