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Beautiful Blyde River Canyon: 5 Activities on Our List

The Blyde River Canyon is the world’s third largest canyon and largest green canyon. The canyon boasts a spectacular variety of wildlife and plants, so it’s easy to see why visitors travel far and wide to see this natural wonder. Perfect photo opportunities await around every corner and you’ll never be bored with all the […]

Put a Spring in your Step: A dozen Flower Festivals

It’s here! It’s here! Spring is back and better than ever after the much needed downpour. Right across South Africa, veld, forest and fynbos are getting dressed in their bloomin’ best to brighten up your days. TravelGround has rounded up a dozen festivals (and pretty stays) where flower power is being celebrated August through November. […]

Be a Waterwise Traveller in the Western Cape

The Cape has been called many things: the Mother City, the Cape of Storms and the Cape of Good Hope, but now it is mainly known as the Cape Without Water! After a few particularly dry winters Capetonians have finally been shook as they realise that Day Zero might soon become a reality if they […]

Sustainable Travel Tips for South Africa

Travelling in our beautiful country makes it easy to forget that this awesome experience comes with a responsibility. Sustainable travel is all about environmentally friendly practices, the protection of natural and cultural heritage, and benefiting the communities hosting you. Though this might seem daunting, sustainability can be practiced in small and simple ways and even enrich […]

The TravelGround Team’s Travel Goals and Tips For 2018

The new year is always associated with bucket lists, resolutions and often over-ambitious expectations. ‘This year I’m finally climbing Everest ─ watch me!’ or ‘Forget about bills and adulting! I’m going on a Euro trip next month’. But let’s be realistic, unless you win the Lotto or gain abnormal fitness levels within a couple of […]

Of Hobbits and Horses: Having a look at Hogsback

Hogsback. The very word conjures images of unkempt, dark green foliage, cascading water and snowy peaks looming in the distance. It’s a place where fairies are in abundance and every second home looks like it could house Bilbo Baggins. The Eastern Cape has no shortage of quirky little towns with great character, but Hogsback is […]

5 Water-Saving Travel Tips!

It should come as absolutely no surprise that South Africa is lacking some water (gigantic understatement). Our dam levels are well below 40% across the board, and dropping fast. Water restrictions have been put in place in all the major metropolitan areas and everyone everywhere is whispering about the neighbour hosing down his Audi every […]

10 Reasons to Travel Locally

We’re not delusional ─ comparing a local road trip to a jam-packed Euro trip, exotic island getaway or boat cruise on the Mediterranean is quite unrealistic, but definitely not because one is less fun than the other! We’re here to prove to you that a proper South African getaway has its own merits and can […]