Still Bay has been a favourite holiday destination for decades, thanks to its fantastic location, mild climate, and pristine beaches. Also known as the Bay of Sleeping Beauty, Still Bay is surrounded by three nature reserves and the Blombos cave that harbours evidence of a human settlement dating back to the Middle Stone Age – that’s more than 70 000 years ago! Situated on the edge of the Goukou river estuary, Still Bay is a paradise for water sport lovers of all kinds. And thanks to Inverroche Distillery gin connoisseurs can now treat their taste buds to the flavour of the unique Fynbos found in this area.

Fine gin from Fynbos


At Inverroche Fynbos botanicals, spices such as cardamom pods, coriander seeds, and berries from India and Europe are gently coaxed to release their flavours in a large copper pot still. Subterranean aquifers beneath the surrounding vines and olive groves provide the pure water needed for distillation. The result is a variety of spirits showcasing the Cape Floral Kingdom in all its glory. No visit to Still Bay is complete without a gin tasting at Inverroche! The tasting room is open between 10:00 and 16:00 from Monday to Saturday.

Contact details:

Tel: 028 754 2442

Mobile: 072 447 4211



divine trio (inverroche)



Need a place to nap after your introduction to boutique gin? TravelGround has you covered with more than 60 accommodations in this picturesque seaside town. Here are a few to whet your appetite:

Botterkloof Resort


This 3 star resort is only 5 minutes from the Blue Flag Beach and boasts dams teeming with bass, and a coffee shop.



Magnificent ocean views, the whisper of the waves, and a luxurious upper level apartment await at See-Struis.



Suidenrus has two decks with wonderful views, perfect for sundowners.



This little gem is just 2 km from the beach and river mouth, and is equipped with DStv.

Hibiscus House


Enjoy breakfast on the eastern bank of the Goukou River.

Discover the Bay of Sleeping Beauty and taste the Cape Floral Kingdom ─ book a spot in Still Bay for your next getaway!


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