Even though the festive season and school holidays have ended, there’s still time to make this summer one to remember! We had a quick chat with some of our fellow travel tweeps, fundi’s and influencers to reveal their favourite summer secrets: from sundowners, to must-have items and finally their secret hideout spots this time of year. Keep these tips in mind when you’re booking your next summer getaway!

1. What is your favourite summer sundowner and sunset spot?

Lauren and Vaughan Manuel: Summer Sundowner Spot
Anje Rautenbach: Summer Sundowner Spot
Ceeces Taxi: Summer Sundowner Spot
Rose Bilbrough: : Summer Sundowner Spot
Di Brown: : Summer Sundowner Spot
Dawn Jorgensen: Summer Sundowner Spot
Jacqui Cooks: Summer Sundowner Spot
Patrycja Oosthuizen: Summer Sundowner Spot
Deon Kitching: Summer Sunset Spot
Dorothée Lefering: Summer Sundowner Spot

2. Which unusual item is an absolute must-have for your summer holiday?

Lauren and Vaughn Manuel: Must-have summer items

Maryke Wasserman: Must-have summer items
Expressions Photography: Must-have summer items
Di Brown: Must-have summer items
Jacqui Cooks: Must-have summer items
Sven Woxholt: Must-have summer items
Anje Rautenbach: Must-have summer items
Dawn Jorgensen: Must-have summer items
Meruschka Govender: Must-have summer items

3. Where is your secret hideout spot to escape the masses during the summer rush?

Dorothée Lefering: Secret summer hideouts

Rose Bilbrough: Secret summer hideouts

Ceeces Taxi: Secret summer hideouts

Maryke Wasserman: Secret summer hideouts

Patrycja Oosthuizen: Secret summer hideouts

Deon Kitching: Secret summer hideouts

Expressions Photography: Secret summer hideouts

Sven Woxholdt: Secret summer hideouts

Meruschka Govender: Secret summer hideouts

Which summer secret tips do you find most useful? Do you have your own tips for the ultimate summer getaway? Share them with us in the comments below!

Where Can you reach these Travel Tweeps?


Di Brown – Jabedi Mapping
Di, also known as The Roaming Giraffe, is the co-owner of Jabedi Mapping and also has her own travel and tourism blog.
Rose Bilbrough – Travel Bug Rose
Rose is the owner of Travelbug Travel & Social Media Network Marketing and also has her own travel and tourism blog.
Jacqui Cooks – The Jax Blog
Jacqui is the owner of The Jax Blog, a blog featuring travel, food and drink, and creator of the #jaxpirational series.
Dawn Jorgensen – The Incidental Tourist
Dawn is The Incidental Tourist, travel writer, beauty seeker and earth advocate, and chapter leader for Travel Massive Cape Town.
Patrycja Oosthuizen – Travel Opulent Box
Patrycja is the founder and editor of Travel Opulent Box, an online travel resource and initiator of #TravelChatSA.
Cee – Ceece’s Travel
Cee is the owner, creative director and content writer for Ceece’s Travel which features travel, food, fashion and beauty.
Selma and Andre – Expressions Photography
Together Selma and Andre form Expressions Photography, a couple of wedding photographers with a serious case of wanderlust.
Dorothée Lefering – The Touristin
Dorothée is a Berlin based travel blogger and the editor of her popular travel blog, The Touristin, featuring international travel experiences.
Sven Woxholt – Wise Wally
Sven runs the travel channel and online travel guide, Wise Wally, which offers useful advice on destinations and routes in South Africa.
Vaughan and Lauren Manuel McShane– The Travel Manuel
Vaughan and Lauren are a couple of travelbloggers who founded The Travel Manuel, a blog featuring travel on almost every continent.
Anje Rautenbach – Going Somewhere Slowly
Anje has her own travel blog, Going Somewhere Slowly, mainly featuring destinations, café’s and bicycle travel in Africa and Asia.
Deon Kitching – Travelling Deon, Mission Vision Tours and the brand new Discover SA Travel Channel
Deon is the founder and owner of Mission Vision Tours, Discover SA Travel Channel and has his own blog, Travelling Deon.
Meruschka Govender – Mzansi Girl
Meruschka is an African travel activist who founded #Afritravel on Twitter and also has her own travel blog, Mzansi Girl.
Maryke Wasserman – Papierazzi
Maryke is a blogger and photographer with her own blog, Papierazzi, mainly featuring travel and activities in Mpumalanga.

Feature image: Rose Bilbrough – Travel Bug Rose