TravelGround Customer Testimonials

"Thank you, please carry on with the good service."
    - Johan P stayed at Pondokkie, 17 August 2018
"Happy with your service."
    - Hantie S stayed at Little Karoo, 17 August 2018
"You have been very helpful."
    - David S stayed at Diggersrest Lodge, 17 August 2018
    - Fiona M stayed at 9 Kamari Santorini, 17 August 2018
"A talented and supportive team! "
    - Teddy K stayed at Home from Home Eureka, 17 August 2018
"Great service with good accommodation offerings."
    - Gordon S stayed at Weskus Grotjie, 17 August 2018
"Thank you for the assistance."
    - Claudia N stayed at Kelvin Lodge & Spa, 16 August 2018
"Loved it."
    - Fanie C stayed at Markon Marine 1, 16 August 2018
"Excellent service and quick response."
    - Samantha V stayed at Arend Slot Air BNB, 16 August 2018
"Keep up the good work."
    - Sanjay M stayed at Casa na Praia, 16 August 2018
"Thank you for excellent service."
    - Irene R stayed at Graafwater Hotel, 16 August 2018
"Very helpful and always available wen you need them."
    - Zaliya Samentha O stayed at Barrington 18, 16 August 2018
    - June S stayed at Nunuburd Lodge, 15 August 2018
"Always very helpful and on point."
    - Michelle O stayed at Waterways, 15 August 2018
"Thanks for the booking arrangements."
    - Eliza M stayed at Dankepa Beach House, 15 August 2018
"Easy to use and helpful agents."
    - Annie S stayed at Gousblom B&B Gastehuis, 15 August 2018
"I liked your regular reminders and updates. Keep it up."
    - Peter M stayed at Blue Sky Mining Backpackers & Lodge, 15 August 2018
"I have used TravelGround for 2 bookings and they have provided excellent service. Highly recommended."
    - Lucia G stayed at Lagoon view - 62 Licorna, 15 August 2018
"The best booking website thus far. Quick, convenient, and very effective."
    - Thuli M stayed at Tranquillity, 15 August 2018
"The customer service is the best I have ever seen. You always come through for me. Thank you."
    - Princess M stayed at Leriba Coastal Golf Lodge, 14 August 2018
"They are very friendly and helpful making holidaying a pleasure."
    - Tracey M stayed at Aladdin's Chameleon Overnight Accommodation, 14 August 2018
"The best site ever. Friendly consultants and great service provided."
    - Thandeka K stayed at Gooderson Natal Spa Hot Springs & Leisure Resort, 14 August 2018
"Very efficient and friendly people."
    - Bridgit L stayed at Bretton Beach Crest Holiday Cottages, 14 August 2018
"Very professional and makes everything easy for you. Thank you very much."
    - Molelekoa M stayed at North Beach Durban Holiday Apartment, 14 August 2018
"The best."
    - Johan N stayed at Korhaan Self-Catering Cottage, 14 August 2018
"You guys are the best!"
    - Neo M stayed at De Duiker Gastehuis, 14 August 2018
"Easy access to site and timely feedback."
    - Jeremy J stayed at Glenelg Road Guest House, 14 August 2018
"Agents are able to help you."
    - Una V stayed at Ibis Cottage, 14 August 2018
"Service is excellent."
    - Priscilla M stayed at Kotties Paai, 14 August 2018
"Great tool for bookings. Convenient."
    - Jamain P stayed at Snips Accommodation, 14 August 2018
"Liked the fact that all the communication was on point and gave contact details the day before the travel. Appreciated that."
    - Mahlatse K stayed at Suntrap, 14 August 2018
"We've already booked for another upcoming holiday for our entire family through TravelGround."
    - Asalele K stayed at Infinity G10, 13 August 2018
"You are the best guys and keep up the good work. I will keep on booking with you."
    - Bongani L stayed at 10 On Cato, 13 August 2018
"Thank you for good service."
    - Ps Allan R stayed at Drummers Nest, 13 August 2018
    - Willem Louis C stayed at Maritza Guest House, 13 August 2018
"I always look for accommodation at TravelGround when planning a trip."
    - Vanessa W stayed at Idwala View - Mabalingwe Nature Reserve, 13 August 2018
"Easy and convenient. Met all my requirements."
    - Kim T stayed at Schaefers' Halt, 13 August 2018
"Always use them. Superb, reliable agency."
    - Liande E stayed at Shondoro Mountain Retreat, 13 August 2018
"This was my first experience using TravelGround. I had not heard of it before. I compliment TravelGround on excellent customer service. I really appreciated being kept up to date with payments etc., and e.g. the directions."
    - Brian B stayed at See-ster, 13 August 2018
"100% helpful."
    - Paul N stayed at Mon Repos Guest Farm, 13 August 2018
"Very quick and excellent service."
    - Carolize P stayed at Peaceful Haven, 13 August 2018
"All good."
    - Judith F stayed at Blue Sky Mining Backpackers & Lodge, 13 August 2018
"It made it easy and there was always clear communication."
    - Josephine L stayed at Vulture Creek, 13 August 2018
"Helpful and timely responses."
    - Makwena M stayed at Montego Bay 6, 13 August 2018
    - Sipho N stayed at Esther’s B&B, 13 August 2018
"I appreciated the SMS's that was sent for the booking and also the reminders as well as the location that was send."
    - Quintun Y stayed at Magoebaskloof Ruskamp The Mountain Lodge, 13 August 2018
"Friendly assistants were very helpful since this was my first time using TravelGround."
    - Cheryl R stayed at Goedgeleë, 13 August 2018
"Thank you for prompt service. Very user friendly."
    - Sharon K stayed at Rugged Rocks Beach Cottages, 13 August 2018
"Thanks for your consistent high standards."
    - Jeff G stayed at 32 Musson Street Cottage, 13 August 2018
"They are quick. "
    - Zelda S stayed at Willow Retreat, 13 August 2018
"Thank you for the fast service."
    - Neerasha M stayed at Villa Siesta Flat No.4, 13 August 2018
"Thank you for your prompt services in our time of need. It was the first time we made use of your services but it won't be our last. That is what you call service with class. Thank you once again."
    - Fatima H stayed at Heide Self-Catering Flats, 13 August 2018
    - Simon M stayed at Lesego Holiday Home, 13 August 2018
"User friendly, simple and intuitive website. Gives you clear indication of the venue, amenities and associated costs without any surprises. Great communication and contact information; speedy and efficient. Venues have always exceeded presumed expectation. Great value for money!"
    - Mikey G stayed at Berg en Bos, 13 August 2018
"Very efficient, accommodating and informative. Keeps one updated continuously from initial enquiry up to the time of departure."
    - Omar A stayed at ACDC Self-catering, 13 August 2018
"Always find what I'm looking for, TravelGround is reliable!"
    - Nonto M stayed at Cane Cutters B & B Guesthouse, 13 August 2018
    - Keitumetse M stayed at Galagos Lodge, 13 August 2018
    - Collette stayed at Nullarbor Cottages, 13 August 2018
"Easy website to navigate through and a very helpful team."
    - Brett E stayed at African Violet, 13 August 2018
"Good customer care and very reliable personnel."
    - Cynthia O stayed at Penguin House, 13 August 2018
"Love using TravelGround. Extremely reliable and efficient. Never experienced any problems. Will highly recommend and continue to use them."
    - Tracy-leigh D stayed at Goodey's Guesthouse, 13 August 2018
"Very professional."
    - Mrs A L stayed at Die Ponthuis, 13 August 2018
"In comparison with other travel agencies utilised, a better option to use."
    - Yolanda G stayed at Springgrove Estate, 13 August 2018
"Thank you for great service Khanyiswa."
    - Marica S stayed at Oudtshoorn Homestay Accommodation, 13 August 2018
"Brilliant, thanks."
    - Christopher B stayed at Moments Away Guesthouse, 13 August 2018
"Good to deal with."
    - Pat P stayed at Taylor's Place, 13 August 2018
"Very helpful when info is required."
    - Christo L stayed at Dolfinview 405, 13 August 2018
"Thank you for your good service!"
    - Wikus J stayed at 1202 on Cowgill Guest Room, 13 August 2018
"Very efficient and professional."
    - Trish K stayed at Thekwanes Nest Underberg, 12 August 2018
    - Alina M stayed at Lifestyle Guest Units, 12 August 2018
"It's great."
    - Dineo J stayed at 440 Flowers Street Guest House, 12 August 2018
"Will definitely use TravelGround again. Their service is fantastic."
    - Hanlie S stayed at Enjo Nature Farm, 12 August 2018
"It's quick and easy."
    - Pearl N stayed at Geelhout Guesthouse, 12 August 2018
"Very helpful and easy to use. Good service."
    - Elsa K stayed at Getaway Self-Catering, 12 August 2018
"The best."
    - Janine V stayed at Stiltevrede, 12 August 2018
"Excellent service, up to date information received timely, all good, the staff is awesome."
    - Danny G stayed at Black Rose Cottage, 11 August 2018
"A nice touch was receiving a message prior to arriving at our destination giving details of the lodge and also a telephone number if we needed to contact TravelGround."
    - Belinda G stayed at Weltevreden Country Guest Lodge, 11 August 2018
"Updates and reminders, as well as new offers are great to keep us informed."
    - Pauline M stayed at Stille Waters, 11 August 2018
"Absolutely efficient from beginning to end."
    - Bridgit L stayed at Aqua Marine Guest House, 11 August 2018
"Excellent travel booking option for holidays."
    - Wayne S stayed at Palmer's Rock, 10 August 2018
"Very good."
    - Frankie B stayed at Knoxgore Garden Cottage, 10 August 2018
"Great to receive the directions on my phone a day before the booking. Much appreciated."
    - Rowena P stayed at Marthinusberg Mountain Escape, 10 August 2018
"Always ready to assist."
    - Veronica T stayed at Cross Roads Inn, 9 August 2018
    - Mbavhalelo R stayed at Accommodation Nachelle, 8 August 2018
"Good service."
    - Nonhlanhla N stayed at Treks, Trips & Trails, 8 August 2018
"Good service."
    - Chris B stayed at Salve, 8 August 2018
"TravelGround do give a lot of opportunities to make a decision on a place to stay."
    - Clive V stayed at Santai Guest House, 8 August 2018
"Incredible website to check for a vacation."
    - Cheslin V stayed at A Heavenly View, 8 August 2018
"Will definitely use you guys again!"
    - Laeeqa S stayed at ATKV Drakensville, 7 August 2018
"Always use TravelGround to book accommodation. Affordable and prompt service."
    - Shameela R stayed at San Lameer Studio Villa, 7 August 2018
"Thank you for the speedy response and helping with securing the booking so quick. I have used TravelGround before and I definitely will still use it in the future."
    - Omenda G stayed at Bijoux Luxury Suites by Totalstay, 7 August 2018
"Your website is the best. Thank you very much Wendle."
    - Zakhona M stayed at Miramarcove 22, 7 August 2018
"Thumbs up."
    - Gunther C stayed at The Kingfisher Country Cottages & Trout Lodge, 7 August 2018
"Love it. Only use TravelGround."
    - James M stayed at 70 @ Genl. Dan Pienaar Drive, 7 August 2018
"Staff was friendly."
    - Brenden N stayed at Santorini 207A, 7 August 2018
"TravelGround is the best and I will sure make use of it again."
    - Sifiso N stayed at The White Giraffe, 7 August 2018
"We thank you so much, everything was perfect."
    - Busisiwe M stayed at Ramsgate Palms Nommer 36, 7 August 2018
"Simple and fast response."
    - Ntsekelelo M stayed at Knoxgore Sea View Cottage, 7 August 2018
"Thank you TravelGround team. You are trusted, you follow up with clients and that makes it easy for all of us. Thank you again."
    - Karabo M stayed at Escombe Accommodation, 7 August 2018
"A great way to book a holiday."
    - Pieter J stayed at 604 Dromedaris, 7 August 2018
"They do their job very well."
    - Nompilo N stayed at Sims Guesthouse, 7 August 2018
    - Peet C stayed at Rubicon Guest House, 7 August 2018
"You guys are super efficient and your response time is exemplary. Thank you."
    - Ingrid O stayed at Clarens Valley Lodge, 6 August 2018
"No problems. We will make use of you again!"
    - Jorrie J stayed at 23 Ambleside, 6 August 2018
"Very helpful indeed!"
    - Sandy N stayed at Bananien Lodge, 6 August 2018
"So far the best in the business! Professional, slick and user friendly!"
    - Guy M stayed at White Bridge Farm, 6 August 2018
"Keep up the good work."
    - Thabiso M stayed at The Guesthouse, 6 August 2018
    - Refilwe M stayed at Vaal Peaceful Sleep, 6 August 2018
"Very friendly and accessible."
    - Patience B stayed at Amritz Private Lodge & B&B, 6 August 2018
"Thanks for the constant updates."
    - Leonie M stayed at 37 @ Alibama, 6 August 2018
"TravelGround, for me, is far more user friendly that other sites I have looked at. They keep me up to date on all developments of my booking."
    - John D stayed at 7 Uvongo Sands, 6 August 2018
"I am satisfied and it is very convenient, you even get a reminder of the booking a day before arrival and on the day of the departure. Thank you very much. Keep it up!"
    - Boingotlo P stayed at La Benroy, 6 August 2018
"Thank you so much for the help during our time. Finding the perfect place for me and my family. It’s much appreciated."
    - Mariaan K stayed at Rhebok Guest Farm, 6 August 2018
"The best, always. Never disappoints. I've been using TravelGround for the past 5 years and I also have another booking with them again in December!"
    - Siyabulela M stayed at Brenton on Sea Cottages, 6 August 2018
"Appreciated the constant communication and reminder of the details of my destination and that the accommodation was exactly as is on the pictures on your website, was happy with the overall interaction."
    - Ncumisa G stayed at Aark Guest Lodge, 6 August 2018
    - Elmo E stayed at Balooga Unit C, 6 August 2018
"Always my first website when it comes to booking accommodation!"
    - Cornell G stayed at Island Cottage, 6 August 2018
"Thank you for making my booking experience so easy."
    - Colette D stayed at Modern Vintage, 5 August 2018
    - Martien D stayed at ATKV Eiland Spa, 5 August 2018
"TravelGround is the best, they are helpful and they provide the best service. They keep customers informed constantly about weekends away, vacations, holidays, etc."
    - Gcinile D stayed at Peaceful Valley Bordering the City, 5 August 2018
"It was the first time I have used TravelGround. Will do it again."
    - Hendrik D stayed at Gariep, a Forever Resort, 5 August 2018
"Fast and friendly feedback."
    - Annelie V stayed at Cottage Guesthouse, 5 August 2018
    - Gerrit V stayed at Bergsig Guesthouse, 5 August 2018
"Will only use TravelGround due to their professional services given to me."
    - Lorenzo B stayed at The Palms Guest House, 5 August 2018
"Very satisfied with the quality of the product."
    - Douw V stayed at De Oude Pastorie Gastehuis, 3 August 2018
"Very helpful."
    - Andre L stayed at MacLeod House, 3 August 2018
"The best."
    - Naeefa K stayed at Camelotte Venue & Accommodation, 3 August 2018
"Keep up the good work."
    - Mapeu M stayed at Sani Bonani Guest House, 3 August 2018
"Was easy to use, and booking confirmed within minutes of making payment. Great service."
    - Razeena H stayed at De Vuur Gastehuis, 2 August 2018
"Easy to use, and quick feedback. I've never booked using a service such as this before, and was pleasantly surprised at how trouble-free the exercise was."
    - Svend N stayed at Weskus Grotjie, 2 August 2018
"Good efficient way to look for places to stay at."
    - Priscilla A stayed at Kai at St. Francis Bay, 2 August 2018
"Thank you for making travelling easy and convenient."
    - Ntanganedzeni M stayed at Tudor Guest House, 1 August 2018
"Friendly, fast and efficient."
    - Lochna W stayed at Book House Cottage, 1 August 2018
"Great customer service and very convenient!"
    - Altan U stayed at The Kliphuis, 1 August 2018
"I have always used them and I never have a problem at all."
    - Nodumo F stayed at Embrace Guesthouse, 1 August 2018
"First time I used it and loved it. Very easy and convenient to use with super friendly and helpful staff."
    - Tania D stayed at Happy Home Woodstock, 1 August 2018
"Hassle free and efficient! Many thanks."
    - Suhayfa H stayed at Ocean View Apartment, 31 July 2018
"Excellent and efficient service received overall."
    - Sher Banu K stayed at Kelvin Lodge & Spa, 31 July 2018
"The staff is professional, good turn around time."
    - Keitumetse K stayed at 18 on Adderley, 31 July 2018
"TravelGround is awesome, from first booking all the way through our holiday, service was fast and helpful. Thank you."
    - Philip C stayed at Neptune's Cove, 31 July 2018
"Quick to respond and reliable."
    - Zuki N stayed at Larkspur Place, 31 July 2018
    - Sandisiwe N stayed at Africa Cottage Strand, 31 July 2018
"TravelGround assisted me to make my booking hassle free. They are the best."
    - Nomphelo M stayed at 3040 on Freshwater, 31 July 2018
"It’s very easy and simple to book accommodation, they keep in touch and they are very friendly."
    - Khethiwe M stayed at Arabella No.2, 31 July 2018
"Great service!"
    - Robyn P stayed at Sep se Plek, 31 July 2018
"Very reliable."
    - Nellly M stayed at Lilly of the Valley Guesthouse, 31 July 2018
"Well done."
    - Nqobile N stayed at The Fever Tree, 30 July 2018
"Definitely worth using again."
    - Philip S stayed at De Oude Meester Guest House, 30 July 2018
"Great. Thanks Meagan."
    - Robert C stayed at Wharthog Corner Leeupoort, 30 July 2018
"Good service from TravelGround."
    - Rentia R stayed at Menlo View Guest Rooms, 30 July 2018
"The service is perfect. Thank you."
    - James M stayed at The Waves 202, 30 July 2018
"All was done to expectations."
    - Gawie S stayed at Jock-Inn Gastehuis, 30 July 2018
"Lots of follow up and information. Thank you!"
    - Nicole N stayed at OuKlip Game Lodge, 30 July 2018
"Good service."
    - Martie W stayed at St. Hubertus Lodge, 30 July 2018
    - Amanda D stayed at Doornbosch Guest House and Country Cottages, 30 July 2018
"TravelGround is the best for me. Easy to book and the feedback is always provided on time."
    - Fortunate M stayed at Vaal Peaceful Sleep, 30 July 2018
"Always use it."
    - Fazila N stayed at Inyoni Rocks Cabanas, 29 July 2018
"I’m happy."
    - Fernando L stayed at Ebith Island Guest House, 29 July 2018
    - Johan B stayed at Thokozani Lodge, 29 July 2018
"Easy to use."
    - Carmine D stayed at 20 on Dixton, 27 July 2018
"Very good."
    - Amanda H stayed at Mountain Cabin, 27 July 2018
    - Yondela M stayed at Eliades Overnight Accommodation, 27 July 2018
"Excellent and quick service."
    - Maritsa S stayed at Mopani Manor, 27 July 2018
"Quick and excellent service."
    - Maritsa S stayed at Ablin Holiday Home, 27 July 2018
"Excellent, thanks!"
    - Esmé D stayed at Outeniqua Travel Lodge, 26 July 2018
"User friendly and amazing."
    - Gavin B stayed at Brighton Mews Guest Suites, 26 July 2018
"Well done."
    - Coen V stayed at The Aloe House, 26 July 2018
"Fast response."
    - Ayanda M stayed at 730 On Sher, 26 July 2018
"I'll keep on using TravelGround for my future trips."
    - Sinazo M stayed at Lagoon View on Inchara Drive, 26 July 2018
"Keep it up! You are doing great!"
    - Nokuthula K stayed at Seabrook 210, 25 July 2018
"We love to do bookings via TravelGround."
    - Juliana L stayed at Kalahari Farmstall, 25 July 2018
    - Anneline M stayed at Theewaterskloof Country Estate, 25 July 2018
    - Anne S stayed at Absolute Bosch, 25 July 2018
"Good work."
    - Melisa H stayed at PJ's Family Cottage, 25 July 2018
"Great service, really convenient, I would definitely recommend it to friends and family!"
    - Wendy M stayed at At.68, 24 July 2018
"Goeie en vinnige terugvoer. Baie dankie."
    - Madaleen P stayed at Stellenbosch Rugby Academy, 24 July 2018
    - Suzaan M stayed at Mountain Shadows Hotel, 24 July 2018
"Sal dit weer gebruik."
    - Marius V stayed at Sandrivier Gasteplaas, 24 July 2018
"Customer service is top class."
    - Moeketsi M stayed at Westward HO, 24 July 2018
"Nice communication from the agent."
    - Edwina P stayed at Be My Guest, Self-Catering Unit, 24 July 2018
"I always use TravelGround and often too. Fantastic site."
    - Angela S stayed at The Graaff-Reinet Suites, 24 July 2018
"I have used TravelGround and have dealt with Meagan for years. She is always helpful even if my booking for accommodation is last minute type of a thing. Thanks so much Meagan."
    - Nonhlanhla N stayed at Le Grand Chateau, 24 July 2018
"It's a good agency, with affordable prices."
    - Khoza N stayed at Olievenfontein Private Game Reserve, 24 July 2018
"Prompt response. I love it. Very friendly agents."
    - Nancy A stayed at Pine Cone Cottage, 24 July 2018
"Good service and follow up."
    - Gill A stayed at Potters Rest Paternoster, 24 July 2018
"I never trusted any websites online, but TravelGround gave me that assurance and am glad I chose it!"
    - Thato L stayed at Cottages @ Moffett, 24 July 2018
"Meagan is lovely and quick to respond."
    - Martha S stayed at Blyde River Cabin Guesthouse, 24 July 2018
    - Sthembile B stayed at Topanga 57`, 24 July 2018
"The booking process was easy and the SMS and emails send on the day before and on the day booking in were great."
    - Paul R stayed at Sugar Fields, 24 July 2018
"This was not the first time I booked with TravelGround and it will not be my last time!"
    - Elsabe E stayed at Bluff Tradewinds, 24 July 2018
"TravelGround goes out of their way to assist. Great service from them."
    - Bridget W stayed at Rondegat Cottages, 23 July 2018
"Thank you TravelGround, it was an excellent experience doing the booking through you."
    - Marina V stayed at Oppisand, 23 July 2018
"Great service. Speedy response."
    - Melissa H stayed at Fleur Park, 23 July 2018
"Very convenient."
    - Flexx R stayed at 96 On Bree Guesthouse, 23 July 2018
"First time using the website, I am already looking for my next holiday on the website. the booking process was quick ad easy."
    - Thandi M stayed at 3 on Cliff, 23 July 2018
"Professional and friendly service."
    - Michael M stayed at Voorbegin Bosveldverblyf, 23 July 2018
"Was impressed by how easy it is, no hassles."
    - Joelinda J stayed at Ocean Breeze Nr 3, 23 July 2018
"The agent who assisted me was very friendly and helpful."
    - Niel S stayed at Bergvallei Estates, 23 July 2018
"Thanks for your great service."
    - Mariska J stayed at Stone Castle - Dullstroom, 23 July 2018
"Well established site that assists with all you need with regards to accommodation."
    - Lionel D stayed at Vivian's Cottage, 23 July 2018
At TravelGround we're committed to giving you the best possible customer experience, from our easy-to-use website, to listing the best accommodation across South Africa.

The Best Prices:
Most of our prices listed on TravelGround are the best that can be found anywhere, and even better than booking the accommodation direct. We get these deals because we send our establishments many clients and get the best prices in return.

Great Service:
Every customer who makes an enquiry through TravelGround is assigned a personal booking agent. Your agent will work hard to get you the best deal as quickly as possible, and is always available to help with your questions or queries.