TravelGround Customer Testimonials

"We had a very good deal booking with TravelGround."
    - John R stayed at Ant's, 14 June 2019
"Good communication."
    - Annemarie K stayed at Korhaan Self-Catering Cottage, 14 June 2019
"No complaints and thumbs up!"
    - Esther P stayed at Vierlanden Garden Cottage, 14 June 2019
"Extremely efficient."
    - Wayne L stayed at Aloe Aloe, 14 June 2019
"Helpful and friendly people."
    - Elsabe W stayed at Neptune's Cove, 13 June 2019
"Thank you Meagan and team!"
    - Marie E stayed at SANParks Crocodile Bridge Rest Camp, 13 June 2019
"A great website when looking for family or small group accommodation."
    - Alan N stayed at Airy Industrial Loft, 13 June 2019
"TravelGround were very helpful and friendly and provided regular updates and information."
    - Jack W stayed at Driftsands 36, 13 June 2019
"Excellent service."
    - Godfrey M stayed at Afsaal Holiday Flat 602, 12 June 2019
"Great service."
    - June M stayed at SANParks Malelane Rest Camp, 12 June 2019
"Keep up the good work."
    - Mochabo Peter M stayed at Lalamo Guest House, 12 June 2019
"Reliable, friendly and have no complaints."
    - Lynda B stayed at Driftwood Chalets, 12 June 2019
"Happy with them."
    - Rudy T stayed at Fourty2 on Fynbos @ Pinnacle Point, 12 June 2019
"Wonderful experience. Very friendly, helpful and informative."
    - Lynn S stayed at Elshane Guesthouse, 12 June 2019
"A good travel agent."
    - Sandeeran K stayed at Cozumel 405, 11 June 2019
"Works like a dream. "
    - Brian L stayed at Heritage House B&B, 11 June 2019
"They followed up my booking and ensured that all was in order. Full marks."
    - Eddie And Sandy K stayed at Die Ou Stal, 11 June 2019
"First time user and so easy! "
    - Owen W stayed at Bio Self-catering Units 30, 11 June 2019
"No problems in contacting them. Everything was speedily done. The staff were pleasant. Received prompt response whenever there was a need. Most of all the safe method of payment that I was quite pleased with. Will definitely recommend TravelGround to friends. "
    - Roshini M stayed at Lemon Tree Cottage, 11 June 2019
"I appreciated the services very much, prompt response, they even provided me with directions to the place, the reminder for checking in. I felt like a queen."
    - Nontobeko M stayed at ATKV Natalia, 11 June 2019
"Top service, keep up the good work."
    - Jayson N stayed at P3 @ Protea Block, 11 June 2019
"Thank you!"
    - Christo D stayed at Amandia Guest House, 11 June 2019
"Beautiful. "
    - Robin H stayed at Andante 16, 11 June 2019
    - Ilse K stayed at Hogrock Falls, 11 June 2019
"Quick and clear services."
    - Sandra P stayed at 48 on Dawson, 11 June 2019
"Thanks for helping me locate Boksburg homes."
    - Kuda M stayed at Boksburg Homes, 10 June 2019
"The consultant was extremely friendly and efficient."
    - Steve P stayed at Daisy Place, 10 June 2019
"It is a hassle-free site and best in services, I managed to get accommodated even when I had to alter the dates for checking in. That was absolutely remarkable."
    - Amos M stayed at Suikerbosrant B&B, 10 June 2019
"I have an establishment listed on TravelGround and find their customer service really good. I highly recommend anyone to use TravelGround to book accommodation through or list an establishment with them."
    - Caralyn M stayed at At One Lodge, 10 June 2019
"I will forever use TravelGround."
    - Inah N stayed at Thaba Monate Game Lodge, 10 June 2019
"We use you for our own booking site for Cycasia Lodge. Easy for reservations. Thank you."
    - Gill C stayed at Mpofini Game Lodge and Restaurant, 10 June 2019
"Best service ever. They make sure their clients are happy and attended to."
    - Leroy N stayed at Ezingweni Safari Lodge en Day Bush Spa, 10 June 2019
"Thank you, Mary."
    - Dillon W stayed at Ooskus Self Catering Holiday Home, 10 June 2019
"I love you guys."
    - Angelic S stayed at 20 Perissa Villa, Santorini, 10 June 2019
"I have a property listed on TravelGround, but this was the first time I had used it to book accommodation. I was very pleased with how quick and easy it is to book. Very pleased that I have listed with TravelGround as I now know that my guests will have a reliable and easy way of making bookings."
    - Barbara D stayed at Down Under, 9 June 2019
"Excellent and timeous service at all time."
    - Pierre H stayed at The Olive Thrush Cottage, 9 June 2019
"All additional information requested was provided as and when required. Service provided is good. "
    - Elysia B stayed at Home at Harry's, 9 June 2019
"Easy booking and payment."
    - Heinrich V stayed at Klein Paradys Guest Farm, 9 June 2019
"Simply the best."
    - Rashaad H stayed at Buckhouse Elegant Village Apartment, 9 June 2019
"With the a first time experience I am very impressed with the quick responses. Generally impressed by the variety and options available to customers on a budget."
    - Thabile M stayed at Salve, 7 June 2019
"Grateful I chose you guys."
    - Muzi N stayed at 273 Rhino Retreat , 7 June 2019
"Friendly and professional."
    - Ivan B stayed at 273 Rhino Retreat , 6 June 2019
"Easy website to use and booking was perfect."
    - Liedie C stayed at De Rust Boutique Backpackers, 6 June 2019
"Amazing! I was very impressed with the updates and info provided once I booked! "
    - Dalene J stayed at Lyttelton Eilandhuis, 5 June 2019
    - Trudi A stayed at Jordaan Cottage, 5 June 2019
"Everything went smooth. No inconveniences at all."
    - Cynthia B stayed at Emzini Apartment, 5 June 2019
"Easy to use with regular communication and updates."
    - Phillip R stayed at On the Beach, 5 June 2019
"I have used TravelGround whenever I have booked places to stay and have found their ratings spot on. Their service is excellent."
    - Debbie L stayed at EdelRose, 5 June 2019
"Very professional and helpful."
    - Goliath S stayed at Meurant Self-Catering Family Cottage, 4 June 2019
"Meghan was very helpful and friendly."
    - Mondy Mabaso M stayed at Edenrock Self-catering, 4 June 2019
"Very efficient and helpful."
    - Pam W stayed at St Lucia Wilds Flatlet, 4 June 2019
"Very convenient and user friendly. "
    - Maria M stayed at Hopetown Guest Cottage, 4 June 2019
"Extremely helpful and efficient service. "
    - Amanda M stayed at Oaktree Lodge Guest House, 4 June 2019
"I did not experience any problem during my interaction and communication. "
    - Garrett R stayed at Loeries Nest B&B Guesthouse, 4 June 2019
"Love you guys, you make things much easier."
    - Shadley A stayed at Ocean View 1202, 4 June 2019
"Fast, efficient, really no hassles."
    - Johan D stayed at Foundry Guest Lodge, 4 June 2019
"Very efficient."
    - Robyn B stayed at The Barn, 3 June 2019
"Safe and affordable."
    - Jennifer B stayed at Orchard Place, 3 June 2019
"TravelGround is good, they help me and my friend a lot. I'm still going to use TravelGround. "
    - Nhlakanipho N stayed at Stolile Village 9, 3 June 2019
"Would use TravelGround again."
    - Bertie V stayed at Ouplaas Town Guest House, 3 June 2019
"Perfect. Keep it up."
    - Mike V stayed at Cheval Tachete, 3 June 2019
"TravelGround is a definite must for making a booking. Prompt, friendly and professional service provided. Great!"
    - Sonia V stayed at Cock & Bull, 3 June 2019
"Keep up the good work."
    - Kgopotso M stayed at Andre's Place, 3 June 2019
"Great site for finding local accommodation!"
    - Paul D stayed at Das Dunen, 3 June 2019
"Very easy to use and helps you find accommodation with good availability and prices."
    - Rikesh T stayed at Marlborough Flat 24, 3 June 2019
"Great booking site, easy to navigate and what you see on the pictures is what you can expect!"
    - Tyron S stayed at Cedar Cottage Paarl, 3 June 2019
"Quick on response, friendly reminders received closer to our booked dates Our agent was always very helpful."
    - Noelene N stayed at Marine Retreat, 3 June 2019
"Very good."
    - Jakes V stayed at Créer du Courage, 3 June 2019
"Keep up the good work."
    - Praise M stayed at Villa Tropicana, 3 June 2019
"A quick and easy booking experience, with all the support on hand if needed."
    - Claire B stayed at Ahoy Farmhouse 1, 3 June 2019
"Staff professional and helpful."
    - Fabian R stayed at Le Gîte, 3 June 2019
"Exceptional service."
    - Asemahle N stayed at Corner Cottages , 2 June 2019
"Keep up the good work."
    - Marisha M stayed at Framesby Guesthouse, 1 June 2019
"An excellent service I have been using for more than 3 years now."
    - Bongani N stayed at Malibu Country Lodge, 1 June 2019
"Goeie en flinke diens."
    - Van Der Merwe J stayed at Elandsrus, 31 May 2019
"Top class service."
    - Hendrik M stayed at Rietdakkie, 31 May 2019
"Pleasant and effective."
    - Appie M stayed at The Guest Suite, 31 May 2019
"First time users and had no problems. Thank you."
    - Beverley W stayed at Uvongo Square, 31 May 2019
"Thank you so much, you made my life easier."
    - Pretty N stayed at Unique Seaside House, 30 May 2019
"The agents keep you up to date with reminders etc."
    - Rowan B stayed at Little Farmyard Bungalows, 29 May 2019
"Easy and convenient."
    - Chauntelle N stayed at Afsaal Holiday Flat 402, 29 May 2019
    - Joamie D stayed at Crest Villa, 29 May 2019
"Caring. Give reminders. Check on you."
    - Lindelwe D stayed at Ramsgate Cottage , 29 May 2019
    - Ann G stayed at Nagenoeg, 28 May 2019
"Easy and great."
    - Marius H stayed at Three Birds Country House, 28 May 2019
"Very pleasant experience. Prompt reaction."
    - Riaan V stayed at Klipgat Gastehuis, 28 May 2019
"Hassle free."
    - Sindi N stayed at Butleigh 17, 28 May 2019
"Efficient service!"
    - Danie S stayed at SANParks Addo Rest Camp, 28 May 2019
"Easy and convenient."
    - Zinzi Mnisi M stayed at Kelvin Lodge & Spa, 28 May 2019
"Baie dankie."
    - Riekie D stayed at Ebenezer Country Lodge, 28 May 2019
"It was excellent customer service and I loved the way they were following up on us when we couldn't."
    - Gugu N stayed at Doo Twah Chalet 8, 28 May 2019
"Thanks, TravelGround."
    - Shannon S stayed at Des'lgodini Lodge, 28 May 2019
"Very happy."
    - Aphiwe Limise M stayed at Brenton on Sea Cottages, 27 May 2019
"Excellent service."
    - Gail S stayed at Lekkerus, 27 May 2019
"I have to say that I am extremely happy with the service that I received from Nicole. From the first inquiry I made up to the final booking, Nicole was magnificent. She also handled a cancellation for me when the establishment was a bit reluctant to give me a refund. Thank you Nicole for all your help. "
    - Clayton R stayed at Studio 8 on Alexis Preller, 27 May 2019
"I cannot complain, always received great service. Thanks."
    - Charmaine Danielle C stayed at Boulders Beach Lodge and Restaurant, 27 May 2019
"Good service and will surely making use of it very soon."
    - Lesley D stayed at Montagu Springs, 27 May 2019
"Booking and travelling with was first class, with attention to detail, and very good follow-up."
    - Sharmian C stayed at The Cottage, 27 May 2019
"Great service, keep growing this. "
    - Kevin H stayed at Panorama Chalets, 27 May 2019
"Easy and intuitive."
    - Kabelo T stayed at Rustevinde , 27 May 2019
"TravelGround is a good website to book. They respond fast. I have been using it for my bookings."
    - Portia M stayed at Pennington Villa # Little Paradise, 27 May 2019
"Thanks for your service."
    - Tinus D stayed at Paperbark Cottage, 27 May 2019
"Friendly staff."
    - Kekana T stayed at Blyde Bed and Breakfast, 27 May 2019
"Makes life so much easier if all is just a click of the finger."
    - Cheryl Anne M stayed at Oystercatcher Guest House, 27 May 2019
"After paying my booking was confirmed immediately, thank you TravelGround."
    - Lebohang M stayed at Edaneg, 27 May 2019
"They are good. "
    - Rayvell K stayed at Treasure Chest, 27 May 2019
"Great service. Exceeds expectations every time."
    - Maluleka stayed at Izinkwe Lodge , 27 May 2019
    - Trymore M stayed at Braam's House, Flat and Room, 27 May 2019
"Thank you so much Melitta. "
    - Barbara M stayed at Afsaal Holiday Flat 602, 27 May 2019
"I have utilised your service on a couple of occasions and found the quality of the establishments to be top notch well done! I will not look anywhere else for my accommodation requirements."
    - Susan W stayed at Lemon Cottages, 27 May 2019
"The service I received from TravelGround was excellent. Every time I had a query I was given an answer immediately. Thank you TravelGround for your professional and friendly service."
    - Penny M stayed at Isigidi Beach House, 27 May 2019
"Very wide awake. Kept us informed."
    - Dianne L stayed at Las Palmas 5, Winklespruit, 26 May 2019
"The booking agents were very helpful and I would definitely recommend and use TravelGround in the future again. "
    - Lolita R stayed at Hermanus Beach Club 272, 26 May 2019
"Thanks TravelGround, the booking process was very user friendly and the service excellent. I will definitely use TravelGround in the future."
    - Ernest S stayed at Farm @ The Sea, 25 May 2019
"I always make use of the expertise of TravelGround's personnel. No hidden costs and they keep on reminding you of your booking."
    - Herman S stayed at Lynhill Self-Catering Apartments, 25 May 2019
"Very professional and proactive in finding an additional booking if one is cancelled."
    - Jp E stayed at Boer and Brit, 25 May 2019
"Easily accessible. Very convenient. Very quick service."
    - Michele B stayed at Aloha Lodge, 25 May 2019
"Very good."
    - Jan V stayed at Bergview, 25 May 2019
"Easy to use, fast and efficient."
    - Peter L stayed at Klipheuwel Country House, 24 May 2019
"Thanks for the email updates, and ease of use of the site."
    - Peter G stayed at Villa Danell Guest House, 24 May 2019
"Excellent client service."
    - Peet P stayed at Tranquility , 24 May 2019
"Went the extra mile to assist me. Excellent service."
    - Luzelle B stayed at Home from Home, 24 May 2019
"They were always friendly and when I needed a favour, they went out of their way to assist me. Thank you TravelGround."
    - Luzelle B stayed at 39 on Marine, 24 May 2019
    - Gerard B stayed at Skietberg Lodge, 24 May 2019
    - Michael B stayed at Waterhouse Guest Lodge Muckleneuk, 23 May 2019
"Great service from Damian."
    - Dianne D stayed at The Crayzee Fish Guest House, 23 May 2019
"I'm happy about everything on TravelGround. "
    - Nqobile B stayed at Umzumbe Beach House, 23 May 2019
"All 100%. "
    - Tshegofatso R stayed at La Bri Self-Catering, 22 May 2019
"Thanks for the great service rendered. "
    - Steven J stayed at Winston House, 22 May 2019
    - Cherie K stayed at Rolo House, 22 May 2019
"Very professional."
    - Shobhana P stayed at Wave Dancer, 22 May 2019
"Thank you so much."
    - Doctor M stayed at Dockside Guest House, 22 May 2019
"I use TravelGround often and I like the quick response from them."
    - Anna A stayed at Strand Woonstel, 22 May 2019
    - Baholo R stayed at Boschrand Lodge, 21 May 2019
"I have no problem with TravelGround. Best agent for bookings as I have used them many times. Always friendly and reminders sent."
    - Jose N stayed at Kraalbaai Luxury Houseboats, 21 May 2019
"I love your feedback, the customer service is very very good."
    - Evangelene B stayed at Cala Mondrago, 21 May 2019
"I had no problems and everything was delivered to my email and phone without effort. Brilliant!"
    - Heidi J stayed at House on Hill, 21 May 2019
"Always helpful."
    - Ella M stayed at The Old Potter's Inn and Brewhouse, 21 May 2019
"Great site and very useful."
    - Latifa M stayed at The Anchorage, 21 May 2019
"TravelGround doesn't waste time ─ they answer immediately."
    - Magdaline R stayed at Renoster Eenheid, 21 May 2019
"The best!"
    - Ulrike K stayed at Hadeda Lodge, 21 May 2019
"Thank you for the help. "
    - Andreas R stayed at Sola Gratia , 21 May 2019
"You always go an extra mile, customer service is over the top, thank you for always making sure we are sorted."
    - Thandi Daisy S stayed at Eden Safari Country House, 21 May 2019
"You guys just made our trip so easy for bookings.Thanks a lot."
    - Faith T stayed at Lindleyspoort Guest House, 20 May 2019
"Well done TravelGround!"
    - Dave P stayed at Sperrgebiet Lodge, 20 May 2019
"Well done TravelGround!"
    - Dave P stayed at Villa Lin-Zanè, 20 May 2019
"Amazing and convenient booking site!"
    - Zama M stayed at Silvex, 20 May 2019
    - Cynthia M stayed at North Beach Durban Holiday Apartment, 20 May 2019
"Staff helpful and accommodating. Went out of their way to assist. I will make TravelGround my go-to company and always seek their advise. Service definitely 5 stars."
    - Avril M stayed at Bellingham Homestead, 20 May 2019
"TravelGround did a good job."
    - Bathathu N stayed at A Chateau de Lux Guest House, 20 May 2019
"I had booked for my son and daughter-in-law's wedding through TravelGround in 2017 at Green Leaves, and now for their first child's birthday in 2019. Thank you Lauren for efficient and commendable service."
    - Susan B stayed at Ferndale Lodge, 20 May 2019
"I loved the fact that I got a reminder about my check-in also getting a call to find out wat time I will arrive."
    - Busisiwe M stayed at Amalutia, 20 May 2019
"Great service."
    - Natalie M stayed at House Barnard, 20 May 2019
"I booked and paid for the accommodation and it worked efficiently, I had no problems."
    - Anita C stayed at Casa Mia, 20 May 2019
"Easy to use."
    - Natasha M stayed at The Manor House, 19 May 2019
"Baie goeie, flinke diens!"
    - Andre C stayed at Summerplace 2, 19 May 2019
"Thank you."
    - Daniel T stayed at Laventelbos, 18 May 2019
"Very convenient and user-friendly."
    - Refilwe L stayed at R & R's Retreat, 18 May 2019
"It's good and fast for anyone."
    - Bheki D stayed at 6 On Capella Guesthouse, 18 May 2019
"Excellent and easy to use."
    - Sharon B stayed at Tarantula Guesthouse, 17 May 2019
"TravelGround is a good travel agency."
    - Ephraim Nsizwa S stayed at Silver Birch, 17 May 2019
"Will always use them."
    - Sekela M stayed at Rivermead Accommodation, 17 May 2019
"Make things simple, with discounted price. We thank you."
    - Konanani C stayed at African Lily Lodge, 17 May 2019
"The booking was effortless."
    - Harry D stayed at Rhebok Guest Farm, 17 May 2019
"No unpleasant surprises, easy to book and pay. Made our booking almost a year in advance, and nothing went wrong. We were reminded about our booking 2 days before and receive direction/navigation coordinates as well. Will definitely use TravelGround again in the future."
    - Riana P stayed at Klipspruit River Resort, 17 May 2019
"Thank you for the friendly service."
    - David C stayed at Ocean Hideaway B&B, 17 May 2019
"Great channel for bookings."
    - Nkosana N stayed at Modjadji House , 16 May 2019
"Fast, efficient and reliable booking site."
    - Terence H stayed at Stiltevrede, 16 May 2019
"Lovely agents to deal with. Always responded and tended to any questions promptly. I will definitely be using them for bookings I make in future. "
    - Elanie O stayed at Oceans [email protected], 16 May 2019
"I think it's a very easy way to book accommodation."
    - Antoinette H stayed at Paulshof Guesthouse, 16 May 2019
"Excellent service."
    - Donald R stayed at The Well Guest House, 16 May 2019
"Used many times, usually no problem."
    - Debbie E stayed at Blue Oceans - Llandudno, 15 May 2019
"Excellent customer service. Keep it up."
    - Nonhlanhla M stayed at Laguna La Crete Unit A, 15 May 2019
"Best booking site I've ever used. I'll always choose you. Thank you very much!"
    - Brian D stayed at 8 on Rowallan, 15 May 2019
"Well managed website. Room was exactly as the pictures on the website if not better."
    - Sandile S stayed at Cottonwood Guesthouse, 15 May 2019
    - Marilyn H stayed at Krystal Cottage, 15 May 2019
"We made the booking electronically and did not need to use any other services, i.e. no direct contact with agent."
    - Allan C stayed at Kango 25, 15 May 2019
"Newly discovered by me and has worked extremely well for me. Moved from other booking websites to TravelGround."
    - Peter L stayed at Waverley Manor Guesthouse, 14 May 2019
"100% satisfied. Reported to customer same day, very happy with the service."
    - Twynette M stayed at Karee Krans Nature Farm, 14 May 2019
"Thanks for efficient services. "
    - Brenda M stayed at 86 Edison Guest Lodge, 14 May 2019
"I once used TravelGround for my stay at an area close to Sun City, I trust the company. That is why I was able to use their services again for my stay at Winterveld. They provided me with all information I needed."
    - Phindile K stayed at Silver Lakes Guest House, 14 May 2019
"I always do my bookings through TravelGround and they never disappoint."
    - Morris R stayed at Threebees Guesthouse, 14 May 2019
"Good service. Available when needed."
    - Nompumelelo D stayed at Birdhaven, 14 May 2019
"Great service."
    - Lukhanyiso M stayed at 3 Canterbury Square, 14 May 2019
"The best travelling website ever."
    - Jacky M stayed at Jenmilla Plett Apartment, 14 May 2019
"Really appreciate their efforts in assisting with my booking and travelling."
    - Adelaide N stayed at Zwartkloof Private Game Reserve 106, 14 May 2019
"It is perfect."
    - Nompilo M stayed at Portofino A, 14 May 2019
"The service received was very professional and they secured my required accommodation without any hassles."
    - Martin M stayed at Mistique Waters, 13 May 2019
"It's been a couple of years now, it is working for me."
    - Thembinkosi M stayed at Hazyview Country Cottages, 13 May 2019
"One word describes my experience thus far: awesome."
    - Noreen K stayed at Bayit Elohim, 13 May 2019
"What I loved about them they inform you in advance and they did remind me that I was checking in that day. I loved their service. The agent they make you feel at home. Thanks TravelGround. "
    - Kgomotso S stayed at A Touch of Grace, 13 May 2019
"Good communication."
    - Leisel M stayed at BriSan On The Canals, 13 May 2019
"Very easy to use. Affordable accommodation. Agent communication excellent!"
    - Subette C stayed at Burnham House B&B, 13 May 2019
"Jaclyn, the booking agent that assisted me, was wonderful, she was available every step of the way and she was absolutely friendly and was great with giving me feedback timeously."
    - Johanna N stayed at Balooga No. 30, 13 May 2019
"Were very helpful and responding in a good manner."
    - Pauline G stayed at 6 Edensands, 13 May 2019
"You guys rock."
    - Maleho John S stayed at Rhebok Guest Farm, 13 May 2019
"Easy to use. Constant feedback. Pointed me in right direction. "
    - Tania V stayed at 31 on Boschendal, 13 May 2019
"Very friendly, efficient and quick service."
    - Wim B stayed at Kgalagadi Lodge, 13 May 2019
"Baie goeie diens."
    - Anne-marie R stayed at Die Peperboom, 13 May 2019
    - Gary T stayed at Nations Lodge, 13 May 2019
At TravelGround we're committed to giving you the best possible customer experience, from our easy-to-use website, to listing the best accommodation across South Africa.

The Best Prices:
Most of our prices listed on TravelGround are the best that can be found anywhere, and even better than booking the accommodation direct. We get these deals because we send our establishments many clients and get the best prices in return.

Great Service:
Every customer who makes an enquiry through TravelGround is assigned a personal booking agent. Your agent will work hard to get you the best deal as quickly as possible, and is always available to help with your questions or queries.
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