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Arniston is an unassuming fishing village that lies on the shores of Marcus Bay, in the Overberg region of the Cape south coast. This small seaside settlement is characterised by lime-washed houses, 19th century fishing trawlers, and an abundance of excellent natural attractions. Relax listening only to the sound of the gently crashing waves and the seagulls calling overhead, by booking one of the tempting Arniston accommodations listed below.

Also known as Waenhuiskrans (wagon house cliff), Arniston gained its name from one of the numerous ships that were wrecked along its jagged coastline. The Arniston, already laden with wounded soldiers on the way from Ceylon to England, sank here in 1815 when it ran aground on the rocks. Only six of the original 378 passengers survived. A monument was erected in Arniston in 1817 to commemorate the tragic loss of life. A replica of this beacon can be seen today above Arniston Beach.

Arniston, which was at first only a small fishing community, is now a premier holiday destination. In order to accommodate the influx of tourists during the summer season, a range of excellent accommodations have sprung up in Arniston. Artists and photographers are drawn to Arniston because of its riveting and picturesque landscape. Although the sharp rocks may be hazardous, the landscape is breath-taking in its beauty, comprised of white sand dunes and golden beaches, contrasting with a cobalt blue ocean that define Arniston as one of the hidden jewels of the Overberg coast. The town of Arniston in its entirety has been declared a national monument.

Although the sleepy village has a reputation for being a place where time stands still, there is a variety of attractions that make Arniston well worth the visit. Fishermen will be in their element with excellent angling opportunities from the rocks or Arniston beach, while hikers will marvel at the stunning walking and hiking trails along the coast or through the dunes. Whale watching is a popular pastime in Arniston, as is swimming, snorkelling, golfing, and bird watching. If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, be sure to explore the sea-eroded caverns and arches in Arniston, searching for prehistoric fish traps left behind by the Khoisan strandlopers, or visit the nearby Cape Agulhas Lighthouse.

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