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Beaufort West



Beaufort West is a historic eco-tourism stop in the Western Cape. Known as the “Capital of the Karoo”, it is the oldest and largest town in the Great Karoo region, offering a collection of Stone Age sites, rock art, dinosaur fossils, and a variety of architectural influences. Experience a starry-sky like you’ve never seen before at one of our great Beaufort West accommodations.

Staying in Beaufort West will transport you back in time and offer you a glimpse into the Anglo-Boer War, where locals spill interesting stories about the battle that took place throughout the magnificent landscape. Doctor Christiaan Barnard, the famous heart surgeon who performed the first successful human heart transplant, is commemorated in the local museum which houses a display of awards presented to him, as well as a replica of the original heart transplant theatre. Beaufort West's Old Town Hall and the Dutch Reformed Church have been proclaimed national monuments, and are a must see for first time visitors. The jail which stands in the middle of the main road and the N1 is a major landmark to those passing by Beaufort West, and the Anglo-Boer War blockhouse which still guards the red railway bridge, stands as a silent reminder of the “last of the gentlemen wars”. The Beaufort West cemetery provides an emotional experience, as the site where both Boer and British soldiers are buried. The stone wall around the cemetery has been declared a national monument. Alternatively, hike up to the monument in the mountains which honours those killed in an ambush by the Boers.

In addition to these interesting old buildings, Beaufort West is the site of one of the largest migrations of mammals ever recorded. In 1849, it was famously documented that a herd of springbok took three days to pass the town. To sight some of these animals, visit the Karoo National Park, home to a variety of indigenous buck and birds. The park is a sanctuary for the highly endangered black rhino and riverine rabbit, and many important fossils have been found here. Other exciting outdoor activities in Beaufort West include hikes and walks in the mountains, 4x4 trails, and visiting nearby game and nature reserves.

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