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Buffelspoort is an idyllic area in the Magaliesberg, rich in natural scenic beauty, history, culture, and abundant biodiversity. These features make Buffelspoort particularly appealing to tourists, who travel far and wide to enjoy activities such as canopy tours, abseiling, nature hikes, canoeing, and bus tours. Book your stay today by browsing the fantastic Buffelspoort accommodations.

The Magaliesberg is known for its extraordinary biodiversity. Its position at the border of the bushveld savanna to the north, and the grassland Highveld of central South Africa, ensures that the Magaliesberg enjoys the best of both worlds, with both unique plant and animal communities. The spectacular landforms and deep kloofs cut into the quartzite by rivers of molten lava provide an awe-inspiring view and amazing backgrounds for holiday photos. The crystal-clear mountain streams are an exceptionally high quality water source.

The Buffelspoort Valley offers a huge variety of activities to please even the most discerning of visitors. Abseiling can be enjoyed at the Mountain Sanctuary Park for the professionals who have their own gear, while Buffelspoort Dam, located on the northern slopes of the Magaliesberg, provides a wonderful spot for fishing and skiing. A canopy tour through the treetops is a must. This unique eco-adventure will take you on a two and a half hour zip line tour down the Ysterhout Kloof. Much like a foefie slide, the zip line involves zigzagging down the kloof, stopping at each of the eleven platforms built into the cliff face to admire the views and surrounding ecology. Two trained canopy guides will ensure your safety as well as provide interesting facts about the indigenous plants, birds, ecology, and geology of the Buffelspoort area. For a more leisurely birds-eye experience, do a hot air balloon ride in the beautiful Magalies River Valley which offers some of the best weather for ballooning in the world. A variety of farm stores, shopping centres and gift shops are available in Buffelspoort so be sure you pick up some valuable souvenirs to take home with you.

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