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Cape Peninsula



The Cape Peninsula, in the south-western corner of Africa, is a rocky peninsula that protrudes 75km into the Atlantic Ocean. At the southern end of the peninsula is the Cape Point Nature Reserve, while Table Mountain overlooks Cape Town on the northern end. The peninsula was once and island, but about 60 million years ago it became joined to the mainland by a sandy area now known as the Cape Flats. The Cape Peninsula displays over 2500 species of the famed fynbos unique to the Cape Floral Kingdom.

The peninsula's southern tip is considered by many to be the meeting place of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, however, according to the International Hydrographic Organization that defines ocean boundaries, the meeting point is actually at Cape Agulhas, about 200km away.

The False bay waters on the east-side of the Peninsula are warmer as they are mixed with warm currents from the Indian Ocean, while the west Atlantic side is slightly colder. However, Beaches on both sides of the peninsula are definitely worth visiting.

The towns and villages on the South Peninsula are now considered part of greater Cape Town.


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