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Kommetjie (Afrikaans for "small basinâ") is a quiet coastal suburb of Cape Town, in the Western Cape. The rural village lies halfway down the west coast of the Cape Peninsula and boasts well-known tourist attractions such as Imhoff Farm, Slangkop Lighthouse, and Long Beach with excellent crayfishing opportunities. Browse our list of excellent Kommetjie accommodation below.

Kommetjie is set around a small, rocky inlet that resembles a basin, after which the town is named. The shallow basin acts as a safe harbour and a popular spot for surfing and fishing; with shallow waters filled with thick kelp forests.

Tourists to Kommetjie will marvel at the opportunities afforded at Imhoff Farm. This popular attraction boasts a cheese dairy which sells handmade cheeses, a Farm Shop offering fresh country meals served in the courtyard, and the Blue Water Café with arguably the best pizzas in Kommetjie. Kids will be entertained at Higgeldy Piggeldy Farmyard which has goats, pigs, sheep, ducks, chickens, geese, rabbits, guinea pigs, and a pony, as well as a snake park. Visitors can enjoy horse rides and exciting camel rides.

Kommetjie holds claim to a stretching white sandy beach, aptly called Long Beach. It has a large tidal pool which is great for splashing about with young children. Kommetjie's beach is a popular spot for surfing, romantic strolls, and walking dogs. Situated right on the beach is Slangkop Lighthouse (built in 1919), which is the tallest cast-iron lighthouse on the South African coast, at 33 metres tall. Visitors to Kommetjie can do a tour of the lighthouse with the lighthouse keeper and climb to the top to enjoy panoramic views of the coastline, from Cape Point Nature Reserve to Hout Bay. At the end of Kommetjie's Long Beach, you will find the Kakapo Shipwreck which ran aground in 1900.

Nature lovers will enjoy the walk around Bird Island at the Kommetjie slipway, where boats are launched during "kreef season". From here you can amble along the catwalk until you reach "Outer Kmmetjie", one of the famous surfing spots in Kommetjie. Following the boardwalk from here will lead you past Slangkop Lighthouse and up to a World War 2 radar station on top of the mountain, where you can marvel at the sweeping views of the Kommetjie shoreline.

Kommetjie features a range of plant and animal species, many of which are endangered. The village is well known for its milkwood groves, birdlife, and troops of baboons that nonchalantly roam the area. Kommetjie forms part of the fynbos biome, which boasts the highest (and rarest) number of plant species per square kilometre.

Visitors to Kommetjie can enjoy surfing, hiking, interactive walk-in township tours, and action paintball at Area 51. Don’t miss out on shopping at Long Beach Mall, exploring the Cape Point Wine Route, and stopping off along Chapman’s Peak to admire the stunning sunsets.

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