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Bester Birds and Animals Zoo Park was established in the 1980s by Mike Bester and his family as a small bird shop in Willow Glen, in eastern Pretoria, Gauteng. Soon they began importing different animals from all over the world to create a small educational zoo for all ages. Visitors to the park can enjoy sightings of over 55 species of birds and 40 varieties of animals, as well as visit the "petting zoo" area where children can feed and interact with tame animals.

The park features a wide variety of animals, such as monkeys, big cats, kangaroos, hyenas, foxes, crocodiles, tortoises, squirrels, snakes, mountain lions, iguanas, and more. Birding enthusiasts will be in their element sighting numerous birds, including penguins, ground hornbill, black vulture, sacred ibis, red-billed teal duck, plum coloured starling, marabou stork, European eagle owl, and more.

Bester Birds and Animals Zoo Park is great for children’s parties and boasts a tuck-shop with snacks and refreshments. School groups and families are welcome to bring picnic lunches to enjoy under the trees while they learn about the zoo’s animals, as well as how to feed them and care for them.

Visits to the touch farm are always worthwhile, offering a chance to see a variety of tame animals. Kids will be given two bowls of food and are taught how to feed the animals while they sit amongst bunnies, guinea pigs, chicks, and ducks.



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