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Quiz: Find your Dream Honeymoon Destination!

by Karli Durr on 5 July 2018

You’ve found the perfect partner, you’ve been planning that dream day down to a tee, and all that’s left is booking the first getaway as newlyweds ─ your honeymoon! But which destination will be best suited for you? TravelGround compiled a quiz to help you figure out where in South Africa you should go for … Continue reading “Quiz: Find your Dream Honeymoon Destination!”

TravelGround’s Guide to SA’s Most Popular Winter Destinations

by Ankia Wolf on 24 May 2018

For a country in the sunny Southern Hemisphere, South Africa sure has an abundance of idyllic winter destinations to suit every type of traveller. We’ve delved into our data to find out which of our destinations our guests frequent most during the winter season, as well as a few of our own favourites. We’ve divided … Continue reading “TravelGround’s Guide to SA’s Most Popular Winter Destinations”

In the Spotlight: 11 South African Lighthouses

by Cea Swart on 15 February 2018

Imagine a dark sky, wet sails, stormy waters and not a single light to guide you to shore … This is exactly the circumstances sailors faced when first exploring the vast oceans surrounding South Africa starting in the 1400s. To avoid shipwrecks and to ensure that sailors could safely reach their destinations, lighthouses were built along … Continue reading “In the Spotlight: 11 South African Lighthouses”

5 Delicious Coffee Spots in Durban

by Remona Voges on 1 June 2017

Its pristine white beaches, tropical weather and fantastic food flavours makes Durban one of South Africa’s favourite destinations. Durban is a kaleidoscope of colours, aromas and sounds set to the rhythm of the city’s laid-back vibe. It’s also quickly becoming one of the country’s hottest coffee spots. And besides beaches and bohemian beauty, what’s better … Continue reading “5 Delicious Coffee Spots in Durban”

6 Stylish Apartments for Your Next Bleisure Trip

by Daleen Venter on 18 May 2017

Bleisure — the trend of adding blissful leisure activities to your business trip — is the new buzzword taking the travel industry by storm. Dozens of savvy corporate travellers are extending their business trips to do some sightseeing after clinching a business deal and to experience the culture of their business destination. Offering slick city … Continue reading “6 Stylish Apartments for Your Next Bleisure Trip”

Travel cheap with these vibey backpackers

by Adriëtte le Roux on 9 March 2017

So you’re a funloving, vibrant nomad who’s been dreaming about a drive along our beautiful coast, staying a night here, spending a night there, meeting new people and sightseeing during the day. But, man oh man, the finances are just not adding up. You simply can’t see your budget stretching far enough to cover R400 … Continue reading “Travel cheap with these vibey backpackers”

5 Water-Saving Travel Tips!

by Mika Stanvliet on 2 February 2017

It should come as absolutely no surprise that South Africa is lacking some water (gigantic understatement). Our dam levels are well below 40% across the board, and dropping fast. Water restrictions have been put in place in all the major metropolitan areas and everyone everywhere is whispering about the neighbour hosing down his Audi every … Continue reading “5 Water-Saving Travel Tips!”

Summer Fun 2016

by Herman Botha on 15 December 2016

Haven’t finalized your party plans for the summer yet? Don’t fret, have a look at this quick roundup of some of the best hot spots around South Africa. Cape Town: Camps Bay Beach Fever Festival Head to Camps Bay for volleyball and touch rugby on the beach. There is a chill-zone, lots of fun en … Continue reading “Summer Fun 2016”