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Die Grofhuis

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House Rules

Predators are present in Marloth Park. Currently guests are requested not to walk or bike around after hours. (There is a curfew from 18:00 to 06:00.
Activate the alarm should guests be away the whole day.
Ensure valuable items are locked inside at night and don't leave loose items close to open windows.

Gauze frames:
The window gauze in the kitchen and living area has locks. Please note that the gauze frames can't be in the down-position if the windows are closed because the closed window latches prevent this.

Baboons and monkeys:
Please don't feed the baboons or monkeys - no matter how cute they may be. Please also keep the doors and gauze frames closed when they are in the area. They are very sly and can open doors by themselves - make sure all windows and doors are locked when guests go walking or leave the house at all.

Feeding of animals:
Only fruit and special game blocks (available at the shop) are allowed to be fed to the animals. Please, under no circumstances, don't feed any corn, bread or "pap" to animals. They can't digest it and it will do them harm.

Guests can scrape their leftover bones and salad onto one of the feeding areas in the evenings. The Grofhuis has resident tree mice, bush babies and a greater bush baby that comes to eat banana every night. Guests can put out banana in the designated feeding areas. Also keep a lookout for Theunis, the tortoise, during the day. She loves fruit.

Please don't try to feed any of the animals in the park by hand. They are unpredictable and can be dangerous. They also become a nuisance eventually and will then need to be removed.

The Eskom loadshedding area of the unit is Marloth Park 16. Please ensure all lights/appliances are switched off during loadshedding. The Grofhuis has a prepaid electricity meter. Guests automatically receive 100 units free. The monitor will beep when it falls below 25 units. Feel free to buy more units, the meter code is written underneath the monitor.

Lapa Outside Light: The outside light at the lapa can be switched on and off at the switch in the guest room closest to the patio.
Lights, fans and air-con each work with a switch and a remote. Please don't leave fans or air-cons on when guests are away (each room can reach the desired temperature within 5 minutes on the turbo setting).

Swimming pool and outside lights for atmosphere:
Please don't dive. The splash pool is shallow and has a built-in seat. The pump switch can be found in the DB box in the food cupboard in the kitchen. This switch also turns on the swimming pool light as well as the lights behind the backrests in the lapa. NB: Please do not leave the pump switch in the on position. Due to loadshedding the pump motor is not on a time switch.

WiFi and DStv:
The Grofhuis has WiFi from 00:00 - 18:00 daily. The name of the WiFi is "Geraasblaar" and the code can be found on the DB board in the food cupboard in the kitchen.
The TV has access to DStv, YouTube and Netflix. Please don't move the module on the window ledge in the kitchen. It is in the best position. Please be patient with the cell reception and WiFi reception in the bush.

Marloth Park makes use of a French drain system. Please only flush biodegradable items down the toilets.

Fridge and Freezer:
The silver fridge in the kitchen is now a double fridge (the freezer compartment no longer gets cold enough to freeze items). Please make use of the free-standing freezer in the living area. Please drink the filtered water from the dispenser in the fridge. Please note that the dispenser of the fridge only works when the power is on.

To prevent animals from tearing up the trash, Marloth Park uses metal or wood holders instead of black bins. Please put all trash in black bin liners in the large holder for Raasblaar 3468 by the street entrance. Please don't place any loose items in the holder.

Marloth Park is in a malaria area. Even though it seldom happens, there are cases of people contracting malaria in the park. Please be aware of this and apply mosquito repellant regularly.

Please respect the animals and neighbours. No noise or loud music is allowed in the park.

To the River:
The Grofhuis is 500 m from the river as the crow flies and in the evenings you can hear the babbling of the river. For a nice morning or late afternoon walk we suggest walking down in Grass lane, turn left into Eland road until you get to Seekoei street. Turn left into Seekoei street and walk all along the river until you get to Berghaan street. Turn left again into Raasblaar street and walk back to the house. It is in this part of the river that guests regularly spot elephants, lions and even leopards (2,4 km).

Please contact us should there be any confusion. Have a great stay!

Cancellation Policy - Moderate
More than 1 month before check-in 100%deposit refunded
More than 1 week before check-in 50%deposit refunded
Less than 1 week before check-in 0%deposit refunded
R2 000
per night (sleeps 6)
From R2 000
per night (sleeps 6)
R2 000
per night (sleeps 6)
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  • Capacity: 6 people
  • Check-in: 14:00 to 19:00
    Check-out: 11:00
  • Address: 3468 Raasblaar Straat, Marloth Park, Marloth Park, 1321, Mpumalanga
  • All ages welcome,format,compress&q=80 From R2 000 per night (sleeps 6) 2 5 1 5 3468 Raasblaar Straat Marloth Park 1321 Mpumalanga 021 201 8900 14:00-19:00 11:00 -25.3392954 31.807749