We’re not delusional ─ comparing a local road trip to a jam-packed Euro trip, exotic island getaway or boat cruise on the Mediterranean is quite unrealistic, but definitely not because one is less fun than the other! We’re here to prove to you that a proper South African getaway has its own merits and can cure your travel fever without costing you your retirement savings or your kids’ study funds.

1. It won’t break the bank

Besides crazy expensive flights, train tickets and car hire costs, you’ll also save a ton on accommodation. You can get twice the luxury at half the price, especially with our help. Try glamping for example ─ combine the fun of camping with the luxury of a B&B at a reasonable rate and voilà! 

AfriCamps at Pat Busch Mountain Reserve

2. I mean, have you looked out the window recently?

Mountainside, coastline, countryside, estuary, desert, vineyard, veld, bush, you name it ─ we’ve got it all within our very own borders! Plus, you can experience a number of them all in one trip without even having to travel that far.

3. Everyone loves a good road trip!

In SA the journey is just as important as the destination ─ farm stalls, sleepy towns, mountain passes and countless epic pit stops are just a few of the reasons why a road trip beats a cramped 10+ hour flight through the night!

WCW 7@N7-0006

4. Support local economy ─ we need it!

Speaking of road trips… Every time you make a pit stop at some small roadside town or farm stall for a snack or souvenirs, you’re supporting our local economy. By playing tourist in our own country we can boost smaller local businesses, increase tourism revenue and promote lesser known destinations which will in turn benefit our local economy as a whole.


5. Our 8 amazing World Heritage Sites

Make it your mission to visit our very own World Heritage Sites before you endeavour to explore the hundreds of others all around the world. The 8 heritage sites are spread all across the country, so you can plan a few trips around them instead of having to cram all of them into one single trip.


6. Loads of mini getaways vs. one

On that note ─ local travel means you can do more trips more often without having to start saving years in advance! Plus, you can use your leave days much more sparingly by adding a few days to a weekend. That means you can plan a mini getaway every now and again without having to burn out first. Use these public holidays to create the ideal long weekend in 2017:

16 Januarie 2016 - Vakansie datum graphic7

7. Much less admin. ’Nuff said!

Few things are as demotivating as the amount of admin you have to sort out before getting on a plane to visit a foreign country (especially when you’re South African). Not to mention the cost of visas and expired passports that go along with it!

Travel in Europe: Schengen Visa and euro banknotes

8. It’s okay to overpack!

Some of you might roll your eyes at this one, but others will agree that this is one of the best perks. Unless you plan on flying local, luggage weight restrictions and overweight fees shouldn’t be one of the stress factors when you’re planning your local holiday. Rather invest in a little more fuel due to a chock-a-block car and pack everything you need and more, because you can!

Open suitcase on bed

9. We’re already lost in translation …

Many people travel to learn about other cultures and languages. But if you live in a country with 11 official languages and countless diverse cultures, shouldn’t you rather start here? We don’t need to travel far to find ourselves lost in translation, so why not try to get outside your comfort zone, get to know our own local cultures, and then worry about the rest!


10. Seeing SA through new eyes

They say travel gives you new perspective. Well, we often tend to lose perspective when things get tough in SA, so maybe a local trip to (re)discover how amazing our country really is, wouldn’t be the worst thing.


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Need we say more?

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