With Christmas around the corner, we’ve gathered some of the best gifts to consider buying for the traveller in your life:

  1. Travel Kit – Bath and Body

With airline restrictions being what they are today, little bottles of body wash, shampoo, and lotion get used up fairly quickly on long trips. Buy a nice set of travel-sized bath and body products from Cape Union Mart, Clicks, or even Woolworths. A miniature roll-on perfume set is also an ideal gift for travelling ladies!

  1. Portable Power supply

The most frustrating thing for any traveller is to get half-way through a day outing, only to realise their phone/camera/laptop is about to die! A portable power supply, such as SolarMonkey, will ensure the phone/tablet/laptop has enough juice to see them comfortably through the day.  South African stockists include Due South and The Green Shop.

  1. An Accommodation Voucher

Buying your traveller an accommodation voucher is a gift that pays itself back when the lucky traveller in question shares pictures and stories about how amazing the accommodation was, and how you saved them from sleeping in yet another hostel! TravelGround has over 4,000 South African accommodations listed, and a variety of vouchers available to suit any budget.

VoucherStack (C) TravelGround

  1. Toiletry bag

Often a traveller’s toiletry bag will get far more of a beating than their luggage – as toiletry bags are dragged through backpackers, hotels, and even camping sites, attracting dirt, dings, and rips. Preempt the need for a new one by purchasing a durable toiletry bag to see them through the next year’s adventures.

  1. Sleep Mask

Being constantly on the go means the traveller in your life views sleep as a long-lost friend for 80% of their travels. Make their life easier by buying a sleeping mask that isn’t only functional, but chic as well! A satin or silk lined sleeping mask will prevent the skin from creasing, plus it will feel luxurious. If you can’t find one they’ll like, then make your own!

  1.  Portable Shower

If your traveller tends to go far off the beaten track, a portable shower is a perfect gift to keep them looking and smelling fresh. There are a variety of options out there, but they all come in a standard black (for heat absorption), and have a hook or clasp so they can hang outdoors. Try Due South.

  1. Waterproof Smartphone Case

A Waterproof smartphone case is the best bet for travellers who are on the go around water, or often travel to islands.

  1. Dry Shampoo

I haven’t met a traveller yet who didn’t have a dry shampoo packed away somewhere. The beauty of a dry shampoo is that it is sprayed on, left to absorb oil and odours, and brushed out a few minutes later to leave hair looking and smelling amazing. It’s the perfect pick-me-up when there’s no water available or they’re short on time.

  1. Miniature Herbs

A life of hostel foods can get pretty boring, and those who use dehydrated foods often long for fresh herbs. You can get a pre-filled herb collection here, or make one yourself by filling an old pill holder with herbs.

  1. Journal

Though we live in the age of computers, travellers often go out and about without their laptop. A simple notebook is the perfect travel companion to capture all the memories, scents, sights, and feelings that they’re experiencing on the go. Buy one with a pretty cover from Exclusive Books, such as a leather or moleskin journal – or make your own unique collage as a cover for a plain A2 book.

Traveller. By mrs. scrapygraphics (Flickr)

  1. Travel Wallet

A travel wallet is, in all honesty, not that different to a regular wallet, except for the fact that it has a large section for a passport to slot into and a few extra pockets for papers. If your jetsetter constantly laments that they can never find their flight papers, foreign currency, or tickets, then a travel wallet may be all they need to keep their itinerary and important documents together. Don’t forget to stick in a photograph of yourself before gifting it.

  1. Sewing Kit

No self-respecting long-term traveller travels without a sewing kit, as rips and tears can cause embarrassment in conservative countries. Buy a pre-made one from DisChem  or visit a sewing store to create a tailor-made gift.

  1. Water Bottle

A re-fillable water bottle with a built-in filtration straw is an ideal gift for jetsetters who visit countries where the tap water isn’t drinkable. A portable filtration straw also makes a good alternative gift.

  1. GoPro Video Camera

For action-loving travellers and extreme sport participants, a GoPro Camera, is incredibly lightweight and can capture several hours of video. It will also obliterate those awkward “Did you see that? Did anyone see that?!” moments. Stockists include Cape Union Mart and Sportsmans Warehouse.

GoPro Camera. By GoPro (Amazon.com)

  1. Miniature Board Games

When bad weather sets in, flights are delayed, and Angry Birds somehow becomes monotonous, travellers usually start to bond with those around them by breaking out a board game. You can pick up magnetic board games fairly cheaply from a variety of stores across South Africa.

What Christmas gifts are you thinking of getting for the jetsetters in your life?

 Main image credited to Incase (Flickr)