We hardly ever need a reason to go on holiday but more often than not deciding where to go is the real question. Since Namibia has recently been added to our list, a whole lot of new destinations are available.  TravelGround went searching for seven reasons why you need to consider Namibia as your next holiday destination.

1. The unknown

Do you enjoy destinations that are more off the beaten path? Many visitors enjoy the unique atmosphere Namibia has to offer. Seeing that Namibia is not a well-known tourist destination, or very populated, visitors will rarely experience overcrowdedness and enjoy the much-needed tranquillity a holiday in Namibia has to offer.

2. Chobe River

Its close proximity to Victoria Falls and high concentration of game between April and October, makes it the ideal spot for any nature lover and birdlife enthusiast. During the rainy summer months, bird migrants arrive and the list swells to almost 500 species.


Due to the breathtaking location, Chobe River Villas offers the perfect full-board accommodation with something to keep everyone busy! Take part in the adventurous river cruises, birding and wildlife safaris, cultural tours and fishing charters, or laze around the infinity pool, sight an elephant or buffalo herd grazing on Sedudu Island or just enjoy the sunset over the African plains.

3. Stargaze in NamibRand Nature Reserve

There are few places where guests will find a better stargazing experience than right here! This nature reserve is the first International Dark Sky Reserve in Africa. They recognise the importance and value of keeping the sky dark, as it contributes to restoring and maintaining biological diversity within the reserve.


We Kebi Safari Lodge | Duwisib Guest Farm & Camping

4. Kaokoveld

In the northern part of Namibia, the Kunene region is viewed as one of Namibia’s best kept secrets, along with the Himba people. With their red-hued painted skin, heavy jewellery and intricately weaved hair, they make for a strikingly beautiful image of Namibia. Most lodges in the area organise cultural interactions with a local guide to meet the Himba. Please remember to not take photographs without permission. Needless to say, a Kaokoveld safari is a true off-the-beaten-path holiday.


Okahirongo Elephant Lodge | Okahirongo River Camp

5. Waterberg Plateau

The Waterberg Plateau offers beautiful scenery and outstanding wildlife. Due to its isolated nature, endangered species such as the white rhino, roan and sable antelope has been introduced to the area over the years. The impressive birdlife offers over 200 species ─ any bird watcher’s paradise! Unfortunately, visitors can’t drive on their own through the park, but there are hiking trails and the park offers organised drives with their own drivers and guides.


Waterberg Guest Farm | Cheetah View Lodge

6. Escape the cold

From May to October, the warm winter climate of Namibia serves as a welcome embrace for South Africans fleeing from the cold. It is also widely regarded as the best time for wildlife viewing in the parks, especially Etosha National Park. However, the wet summer months are just as good of a time to visit Namibia and ideal for birdwatching!

7. Sossusvlei

Sossusvlei is situated in the largest conservation region in Africa. This large, white, salt pan is a great destination all year round and the surrounding red dunes are just as spectacular, reaching a height of 400 m ─ some of the largest in the world. Due to the fascinating and surreal landscape, it is one of the most photographed places in Sub-Saharan Africa.

A great attraction in Sossusvlei is the Sesriem Canyon. This canyon has been shaped over millions of years and even sustains water all year round. Hiking enthusiasts will find it a bit narrow at certain areas, but the stunning rock formations will captivate any visitor’s attention.

Deadvlei is another popular attraction that will leave visitors in awe. The contrast of the dark, dead camel thorn trees against the white pan is mesmerising. The pan was formed due to the floods of the Tsauchab River leaving enough water for the camel thorn trees to grow. However, the climate change and surrounding dunes have blocked the river from reaching the pan. It is said that the trees are approximately 900 years old.


Desert Quiver Camp | Sossusvlei Lodge | Desert Camp



So, all you need to do now is come see it for yourself! Plan that long-awaited Namibian road trip, pack your bags and remember to bring along your camera. What are some of your favourite destinations to visit in Namibia? Let us know in the comments below.

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Feature image: Bigstock