Author: Lisa Croeser

Lisa is all the way from Namibia and studied at Stellenbosch University. She is an animal lover and spends most of her time reading. If she’s not enjoying time with her family, she loves writing and listening to music. She has a love vir languages and tries to learn something new about languages everyday.

Our Karoo Escape to Kerneelia Kothuis

by Lisa Croeser on 21 November 2019

Life in the city not only means that you have to bear taxing traffic, but also that by the time the weekend rolls around, you have no energy left to explore your own backyard. Yes, I am talking about myself and I know so many other hard-working individuals who opt to Netflix and chill instead … Continue reading “Our Karoo Escape to Kerneelia Kothuis”

Discover Namibia and its different terrains

by Lisa Croeser on 15 August 2019

Namibia is known for its vast open plains and dunes creeping up on the ocean. This is usually the mental image one conjures up for Namibia. However, this country is versatile and much more than a sandstorm and rugged landscape. As a born-and-bred Namibian, I’m here to showcase Namibia and all its terrains from south … Continue reading “Discover Namibia and its different terrains”

TravelGround’s Guide to Poisonous Snakes

by Lisa Croeser on 9 May 2019

One of the many incredible advantages of living in Africa, and especially South Africa, is that we’re in close proximity to various animals, be it in the city, the bush or at the coast. This also means that at some point many of us might encounter dangerous animals, like snakes. But not to fear, because … Continue reading “TravelGround’s Guide to Poisonous Snakes”

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