You’ve found the perfect partner, you’ve been planning that dream day down to a tee, and all that’s left is booking the first getaway as newlyweds ─ your honeymoon! But which destination will be best suited for you? TravelGround compiled a quiz to help you figure out where in South Africa you should go for a sensational start to married life!

Count the number of a’s, b’s, c’s, d’s or e’s you’ve chosen and the letter with the highest total will determine your result.

1. Your favourite social media platform is …

a. Instagram
b. Google+
c. Twitter
d. Facebook
e. Pinterest

2. What’s your idea of a romantic date?

a. Dining on oysters at a world-class restaurant
b. Walking hand in hand on a beach at sunset
c. Relaxing beside a campfire underneath the starlit sky
d. Sipping wine in front of a cosy fireplace
e. Hiking up a mountain to enjoy the breathtaking view

3. Which shoes will you be packing first for your honeymoon?

a. Boots
b. Flip-flops
c. Sandals
d. High heels
e. Sneakers

4. Your favourite alcoholic drink is …

a. Gin and tonic
b. Cocktails
c. Beer
d. Red wine
e. Champagne

5. Your honeymoon accommodation should be a …

a. Hotel
b. Beach cabana
c. Tent
d. Lodge
e. Cabin

6. Your spirit animal is a …

a. Elephant
b. Dolphin
c. Lion
d. Penguin
e. Eagle

7. You can’t live without …

a. WiFi
b. Sunglasses
c. Matches
d. Coffee
e. A camera

8. Adventure to you means …

a. Bungee jumping
b. Surfing and sunbathing
c. Going on a Big 5 safari
d. Cheese and wine tasting
e. Hot-air ballooning

9. The most romantic view is …

a. Fynbos forests on the edge of a lagoon
b. Breaking waves along white sandy beaches
c. Game roaming among bushes and over endless plains
d. Lush vineyards surrounded by mountains
e. Snowy peaks and dreamy valleys

10. You’re dreaming about visiting …

a. Germany’s Black Forest
b. Thailand
c. Serengeti National Park in Tanzania
d. The French countryside
e. The Swiss Alps


Mostly a’s: A Forest Fairyland ─ Garden Route

The Garden Route is the perfect honeymoon destination for you! Stretching from Mossel Bay to Storms River, this romantic route includes small coastal towns, game reserves, an array of seafood restaurants, adrenaline-filled activities and gorgeous views of the Indian Ocean and the Outeniqua and Tsitsikamma Mountains ─ ideal for a honeymoon road trip! It’s a magical location with a fairytale-like atmosphere and one of the most beautiful places on earth to start your lives as a married couple.

Honeymoon stays along the Garden Route

Elephant Hide of Knysna Guest Lodge | C The View | Porcupine Pie Boutique Lodge

Mostly b’s: A Subtropical Paradise ─ South Coast

For your honeymoon, you’ll be going to the South Coast of KwaZulu-Natal where balmy weather all year round and palm tree-lined beaches await! Whales and dolphins will welcomingly wave their fins at you while frolicking in the azure breakers and you’ll be spoiled with spectacular sunrises. Spending the whole day in your cozzie, sipping cocktails by the pool or scuba diving for the first time ─ the South Coast offers an island-style honeymoon experience like no other!

Honeymoon stays on the South Coast

Alante Lodge | Umthunzi Hotel & Conference | Umlilo Lodge

Mostly c’s: In Mother Nature’s Lap ─ Bushveld

You’ll be able to fill your lungs with the freshest of air, be in awe of a lion roaring in the distance, and sleeping beneath a canvas of stars ─ yes, you’re honeymooning in the Bushveld! There’s nothing more romantic than spending off-the-grid time with your love surrounded by the sounds and smells of nature. Awake to the song of a fish eagle, go on a sunset game drive, or read poetry beside the campfire ─ being away from everyday life has never been more idyllic!

Honeymoon stays in the Bushveld

Chinaka Game Lodge | Bundox Safari Lodge | Bushveld Terrace Hotel on Kruger

Mostly d’s: A Wonderland of Views and Vines ─ Cape Winelands

You’re yearning to be close enough to the amenities of the city and the lure of the ocean, yet to simultaneously be surrounded by tranquility ─ your honeymoon should be spent in the Cape Winelands! Imagine leisure-filled days strolling on a historic wine farm, feasting on gourmet cuisine, and ending off your day with a glass of the best wine the Cape Winelands has to offer. Add to the romance by trying different food and wine pairings and take a round trip along the Southern Peninsula to visit the cute African penguins!

Honeymoon stays in the Cape Winelands

Basse Provence Country House | La Clé des Montagnes | Grand Dédale

Mostly e’s: A Magical Mountain Retreat ─ Drakensberg Mountains

Spectacular peaks, vivid green valleys and adventure galore ─ your honeymoon will be in the dreamy Drakensberg Mountains! During winter months the area transforms into a land of fable with snowy slopes and summits setting the stage for romance. In summertime the lush Champagne Valley and Cathedral Peak offer an abundance of hiking trails, picnic spots and magnificent views that will make your love soar!

Honeymoon stays in the Drakensberg Mountains

Winterton Country Lodge @ Rose Cottage | Ardmore Guest Farm | Umzimkulu River Lodge

So, did you have fun? Comment your result below and book that honeymoon destination hand-picked for you!

Feature image: Coetzer Photo