There’s nothing worse than knowing you need a holiday and having enough of those precious leave days, but absolutely no idea where to go to recharge your batteries. Not to worry folks, TravelGround did some research and came up with a great quiz to help you pinpoint your ideal holiday destination.

Simply answer these easy questions as honestly as possible and we’ll tell you in which direction to head, our top stay, and some other ideas to make sure you have all the options right here in front of you!

Your idea of a perfect day is:

a) sunbathing
b) birdwatching
c) bar hopping
d) nothing
e) hiking

Your spirit animal is a:

a) dolphin
b) lion
c) cat
d) horse
e) eagle

Your mouth is watering just thinking about …

a) snoek and sweet potato
b) potjie
c) sushi
d) skaaptjoppie
e) health foods

What influences your decision the most?

a) time of year
b) fauna
c) availability of good coffee per 100 metre
d) whether there is cell reception
e) adventure activities

Would you describe yourself as an outdoor person?

a) Does a day at the beach count?
b) Yes, all I need is a tent and a braai fire
c) No way
d) Yes, anything to escape the hustle and bustle
e) Of course, just me and the night sky

Your ideal travel partner is:

a) my family and my dog
b) the kids
c) close friends
d) me, myself and I
e) gym buddy

The ideal outcome of your vacation would be:

a) spending time with family
b) seeing the scenic beauty of our country
c) hitting all the best bars
d) forgetting about work
e) exploring nature

Your typical Saturday usually includes:

a) walking the dog
b) spending time in nature
c) coffee shops
d) reading
e) gettin’ active

Your ideal job would be:

a) professional swimmer
b) park ranger
c) bartender
d) writer
e) adrenaline junky

You never go anywhere without:

a) sunscreen
b) binoculars
c) cellphone
d) book
e) tackies

You usually travel:

a) by bicycle
b) with your own car
c) by public transport
d) with your plaasbakkie
e) on foot

Your favourite social media platform:

a) Facebook
b) Twitter
c) Pinterest
d) What’s social media?
e) Instagram

Mostly A’s

For you, there’s nothing better than taking your dog for an early-morning walk on the beach before spreading your towel to lay down for a lazy day of sunbathing. At sunset you prefer spending time with your family around the braai fire and feasting on braaied snoek with some extra sweet potato on the side, while listening to the waves crashing in the distance.

Visit On The Beach in Yzerfontein for a relaxing beach-front holiday, or click here for more options around our country’s Blue Flag beaches.

Mostly B’s

For most people, getting up extra early to seek out game sounds like a nightmare ─ but not for you. With your coffee thermos in one hand and your game or birdwatching booklet in the other, you’re ready for the day! Tick those game or bird species off one by one, before you head back to your bush camp or chalet to get that potjie going on the fire. Sit back and relax in your favourite camping chair, while listening to the king of the Bushveld’s roar in the background.

Book a stay at Bundox Safari Lodge in Hoedspruit for a luxurious Bushveld experience, or read this blog for more options on where all your friends can tag along to.

Mostly C’s

The sound of cars rushing past in the street below doesn’t bother you at all ─ in fact, it kind of serves as a lullaby when your head hits the pillow. Spend your days seeking out the trendiest coffee shops and doing some much-needed shopping before heading downtown to check out all the pubs and clubs to dance the night away!

This loft unit in the Mothercity has a view of Table Mountain that is to die for! Read more in this blog to find out where you can turn a business trip into a leisure trip.

Mostly D’s

Your happy place is any destination where there is no cell reception or electricity. A cosy cottage somewhere secluded is your idea of the ideal getaway, all you need is a good book and you’re ready to go! During the day you’ll put on your walking shoes to explore the area and find a good spot to read your book, before heading back to get the fire going for the hot-water donkey.

Check out Appelkooskop Cottage near Bredasdorp for an off-the-grid stay that’s sure to get your batteries recharged, and click here for more digital-detox options.

Mostly E’s

Whether it’s rock climbing, mountain biking, kayaking or, the latest craze, free soloing ─ getting active is your idea of recharging your batteries. During the day you’re out exploring every corner of your destination, finding the thing that will send the adrenaline rushing through your veins, and at night all you need is a shower, clean bed and a good night’s sleep to get you ready for the next day’s challenge.

If you’re an avid mountain biker, Trail’s End in Grabouw is the place for you! Otherwise you can click here to find out where you can put your rock climbing, bouldering, and free soloing skills to the test.

Did you like our quiz? We’d love to hear from you ─ let us know if it helped you make a decision on your next getaway in the comments below!

Feature image: Karkloof Safari Villas