Author: Adriëtte le Roux

Adriëtte completed her BA in Language and Culture at Stellenbosch University in 2013, majoring in Afrikaans and Dutch, English Studies and History. The following year she did her Post Graduate Certificate in Education while working as a tutor in the Afrikaans Language Acquisition Department at Stellenbosch. After a few years teaching high school Afrikaans and History, she joined our content team as a language practitioner, translator and blogger.

Sustainable Travel Tips for South Africa

by Adriëtte le Roux on 18 January 2018

Travelling in our beautiful country makes it easy to forget that this awesome experience comes with a responsibility. Sustainable travel is all about environmentally friendly practices, the protection of natural and cultural heritage, and benefiting the communities hosting you. Though this might seem daunting, sustainability can be practiced in small and simple ways and even enrich … Continue reading “Sustainable Travel Tips for South Africa”

Vacationing on the Edge: 12 Exciting Stays

by Adriëtte le Roux on 30 November 2017

‘Whoah!’ is what you’ll be saying if you choose one of these elevated stays for your next getaway. So, come and take R&R right up to the edge with TravelGround ─ we too like to live dangerously! Bishops Cove Self-Catering Houses in Tsitsikamma, Eastern Cape Perched on the coastal cliffs at Tsitsikamma, Bishops Cove offers … Continue reading “Vacationing on the Edge: 12 Exciting Stays”

Things that go bump in the night: 10 Ghostly Tales and Tours of South Africa

by Adriëtte le Roux on 19 October 2017

As much a national treasure as the haunts they frequent, South Africa’s ghosts are a tourist attraction in their own right — that’s to say if you have the guts to seek them out! Here are some of our country’s best spooky stories and the tours that keep these ghostly tales in remembrance. So settle … Continue reading “Things that go bump in the night: 10 Ghostly Tales and Tours of South Africa”

Stay at these Fairy Tale Forests

by Adriëtte le Roux on 7 September 2017

Once upon a time in a deep, dark forest not so very far away, TravelGround had some lovely tree-filled stays, and so Red Riding Hood and the woodcutter had a romantic weekend in a granny cottage, Goldilocks was served a delicious meal before retiring to her luxurious bed, and Snow White ended up having a … Continue reading “Stay at these Fairy Tale Forests”

Give that man a Bell’s at one of these Old English Pubs

by Adriëtte le Roux on 24 August 2017

A good, solid pub is a national treasure. Where else would you find so many people from so many different walks of life swapping stories, the one more fantastical than the other, as the afternoon ticks away into the evening and beers are bought and shared as though between close friends? Add to this a … Continue reading “Give that man a Bell’s at one of these Old English Pubs”

Joburg to Cape Town: Have some fun along the N1

by Adriëtte le Roux on 26 April 2017

The endless stretch connecting Johannesburg and Cape Town is travelled by scores of people every day. Since it is not known to be the most riveting or scenic route in our beautiful country, some people speed to complete these 1400 kilometers in a single day or they hop on a plane since nobody got time … Continue reading “Joburg to Cape Town: Have some fun along the N1”

Experience Platbos at this year’s Reforest Fest

by Adriëtte le Roux on 16 February 2017

There is something undeniably magical about a forest. Maybe it’s the abundance of hide-and-seek spaces that bring out the child in us. Maybe it’s the wealth of life, the generous shade and fresh air we find there. Or maybe it’s the feeling that something miraculous might occur at any moment, à la the fairy tale … Continue reading “Experience Platbos at this year’s Reforest Fest”

No Fear the New Year

by Adriëtte le Roux on 8 December 2016

Okay, so I might be jumping the gun a bit on this one. ‘Feliz Navidad’ is still irritating one and all in a mall near you, and some of us are sitting at work, stressing about the Christmas gifts we haven’t bought yet and secretly searching for holiday accommodation. But just put a hold on … Continue reading “No Fear the New Year”