Author: Karli Durr

Karli comes from the heart of the Swartland and she has a deep love for Afrikaans, sport and rock music. She enjoys spending time with friends and family and won’t miss the opportunity to see a good movie.

6 Exciting Stops Along Route 62

by Karli Durr on 25 January 2018

The United States of America might have the legendary Route 66 ─ a path of epic road trips stretching over more than 4 000 kilometres. But we can certainly crow about our renowned Route 62. Meandering across more than 850 kilometres, it forms the gateway from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth. This route is arguably … Continue reading “6 Exciting Stops Along Route 62”

Cullinan: The Gem of Gauteng

by Karli Durr on 23 November 2017

Once upon a time, a diamond was found along a farm fence about 30 kilometres from Pretoria. This discovery led to the rise of the Premier Mine and Cullinan ─ a sleepy town named after the diamond magnate, Sir Thomas Cullinan. The world’s largest diamond, the Cullinan Diamond, was mined in 1905 and presented to … Continue reading “Cullinan: The Gem of Gauteng”

South Africa: 15 Outstanding Facts

by Karli Durr on 18 August 2017

Sometimes we forget that some of our planet’s most unique phenomena are right here on bottom soil! TravelGround rounded up 15 outstanding facts about our beloved country that will blow your mind and remind you of the wonders within reach. And with us you can even spend a few nights close to these amazing spots! … Continue reading “South Africa: 15 Outstanding Facts”

Why You Should Spend Your Money On Travel

by Karli Durr on 28 June 2017

Have you been eyeing that beautiful leather bag for a while now? Wouldn’t the latest smart watch look rad on your wrist? Yes, we all have those vices that will make us feel great for a few days, but totally break the bank! And in a year’s time it will probably be out of style … Continue reading “Why You Should Spend Your Money On Travel”

5 Wonderful reasons to visit the Wild Coast

by Karli Durr on 13 April 2017

Untamed, unspoilt and unbelievably beautiful ─ these are only a few words to describe the endless splendour of South Africa’s Wild Coast! This remote coastline stretches from East London all the way to the southern border of KwaZulu-Natal. The scenery is breathtaking and filled with steep, green hills, deserted beaches with unruly waves and windswept cliffs. … Continue reading “5 Wonderful reasons to visit the Wild Coast”

14 Romantic Picnic Spots in the Western Cape

by Karli Durr on 8 February 2017

Love is in the air, everywhere I look around … Yes, it’s the month of love and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. But the pressure is mounting: Will she like roses or Ferrero Rocher? What should I buy my new boyfriend? Will he take me to a fancy French restaurant? Luckily TravelGround is … Continue reading “14 Romantic Picnic Spots in the Western Cape”

7 Superb reasons to visit Simon’s Town

by Karli Durr on 12 January 2017

At first, he was just a nuisance to sailors, but he would soon become one of the most famous dogs in the world ─ this Great Dane hopped on trains, guided his drunken sailor friends back to their base and even got married! Although he never went to sea, Just Nuisance was enlisted into the … Continue reading “7 Superb reasons to visit Simon’s Town”

10 Tidal Pools for Serious Summer Fun!

by Karli Durr on 1 December 2016

The sizzling summer is here, the masses are migrating to the coast, the waves are rolling in, but you’re no surfer ─ there might even be a fear-inducing fin on the horizon … Not to worry, TravelGround to the rescue! We compiled a list of 10 family-friendly tidal pools along South Africa’s vast coastline that … Continue reading “10 Tidal Pools for Serious Summer Fun!”